67th BPSC Mains - Some Important Facts

To what extent the enrichment work application is done in today's paper is the real catch.

(a) All the questions were on the expected lines.

(b) All topics and subparts were known to almost every students.

(c) Almost every question carry the opinion formation like "Do You think, or "substantiating with examples" hence here is real requirements of enrichment works which were shared to all openly for enhancing the marks in General Studies Papers.

(d) One more think is that, looking the but natural type of questions according to the previous trends, we can assure you that marking will totally depends upon the usage the exactness of points and effective reflection of thought process.

(e) To avoid the average marks, answer are needed with high level of application of knowledge.

(f) As of now, experience suggest that the superficial answers carry very low marks and enriched answers provides the scope of better marks.

(g) For 67th BPSC , upcoming important paper like Optional Subjects will play role now.

(h) Use the remaining days judiciously. 

While 68th BPSC students should work very well on their revision plan and completion of topics/subject.

New Batches For BPSC Hindi Medium Starting from 06th January 2023.

Perfection IAS, which is one of the most reputed Academy of the country is going to start new BPSC Hindi Medium Batches from 06th January 2023 and English Medium BPSC Batches from 23rd January 2023. It is noteworthy that Perfection IAS, an institute for UPSC & BPSC has dedicated team for civil services preparation. Perfection IAS has given great Result in BPSC Examination, a total of 107 candidates in 64th BPSC and 69 candidates in 65th BPSC were successful and this process is continuing in 66th BPSC also.

New Foundation UPSC Batch coming soon in Karol Bagh Branch, Delhi

Perfection IAS, which is one of the most reputed Institutes of the country. The New UPSC Batch coming soon and New Foundation BPSC Batch  starting now in Karol Bagh Branch, Delhi.  It is noteworthy that Perfection IAS, an institute for UPSC & BPSC has dedicated team for civil services preparation. Perfection IAS has given great Result in BPSC UPSC Examination.

67th BSPC Mains Answer Writing Tips

(1). How should I write the answer after knowing all the Content of given Questions?

Answer - Basically the answer for each question should be in coherence and in the way and in the words of questions it has been asked.

(a) Ensure the priority of points raised in the answers.

(b) Try to prove the points by substantiating with facts, analysis.

(c) Enrich them with Bihar specific development.

67th BPSC Mains Exam Free Resources

(1). Micro Syllabus Analysis:

Link: https://t.me/materialsperfectionias/19403?single 

(2). 50 Days Mains Planner Free Model Answers:

Link: https://www.perfectionias.com/mains/50-days-planner-67th-bpsc-mains-exam/ 

(3). Bihar Economic Survey Mains Analysis:

Link: https://t.me/bpsc66mainsanswerwriting/33838 

(4). Government Schemes Analysis:

Link: https://t.me/bpsc66mainsanswerwriting/33851

(5). Mains Analyser Magazine:

Link: https://www.perfectionias.com/mains/bpsc-mains-analyser-magazine/

(6) Important Free Editorial Collection:


(7). Mains Question Discussion:

Link: https://youtu.be/bfi-DhuJVjk  

Civil Services Examination is Not a Cup of Tea !

• The whole process of examination is hectic and it will remain difficult untill and unless you are simplified enough to prepare decently. 

• You will never see any selected candidates,who have not gone through the years of Struggles and Perseverance. 

Message to those who are in their last phase of BPSC Preparation (Multiple Mains Written/Multiple Prelims Failed).

(1) Do utilise your each minutes dedicatedly for BPSC Prelims Revision and consolidation.

(2) Follow the standard Books and revisit each important Line/Para which seems important for that subject.

Perfection IAS Special Guidance to the students for the Preparation UPSC, BPSC, IAS Exam

1. Study NCERT Books, a Vital Role in BPSC, IAS Examination

NCERT books are the real gem of civil services examination. Here you will get the real essence of any topic with crystal clear approach of the topic. Many students usually get confused with the process of reading books however, the real benefit of reading the NCERT book is that the moments you come across the multiple revision of the one book, you will get each time the new things, new observation and new perspective

Hence, it is advisable that reading NCERT book will not only give you basic foundational strength but also make your thought process well developed, which is required for the main examination.