UPSC Daily Editorials

UPSC Daily Editorials

UPSC Editorials:

(a) The Rural - Urban Continuum - Click here 

(b) ASER Report - 2022 - Click here 

(c) Oxfam Inequality Report - Click here  

(d) UN World Social Report - Click here  

(e) Human Trafficking - Click here 

(f) WHO on Malnutrition among Children - Click here 

(g) The Supreme Court Refers Same - Sex Marriage Issue - Click here 

(h) Human Activities & Climate Changes - Click here 

(i) Changes and Solution for the Indian Agricultural Sector - Click here

(j) World Happiness Report 2023 - Click here

(k) The Importance of Reducing Sodium Intake in India - Click here

(l) The Importance of Carbon Pricing in the fight against Climate Change - Click here

(m) Challenges Faced by the Elderly - Click here

(n) The World Water Conference 2023 - Click here

(o) Awaiting Lift-Off Into the Second Space Age - Click here

(p) Strategy For India's Fishing Sector - Click here 

GS Paper 1:


(a) Financial Empowerment of Rural Women - Click here

(b) The Beginning of India's Cultural Renaissance Click here 

GS Paper 2:


(a) Bharat - TAP Initiative - Click here

(b) Critical Assessment of the Armed Forces Special Power Act - Click here

(c) Japan'S National Security Strategy - Click here

(d) Barking UP The Wrong Tree - Click here

(e) The Good Cooperative : Amul as a Model - Click here

GS Paper 3:


(a) RBI Hikes Repo Rate and CRR - Click here

(b) Green Economy - Click here

(c) Ensuring Mineral Availability For EVs - Click here

(d) James Webb Telescope Discovers its First Earth-Sized Exoplanet - Click here

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