Interview Guidance Program

Interview Guidance Program

The sense of educated officer and along with officer like personality traits will be provided to you in mocks feedbacks. We are highly obliged to have Mr Sushanta Bhattacharjee (UPSC selected, AIR 542- 2009 batch) and Mr A.K Jha (Retired Ex IFoS 1982 Batch) in our board member to train the students in interview mocks. Mr Sushanta Bhattacharjee Sir (Ex faculty of Vajiram and Ravi Institute, Delhi) is well equipped for providing civil services mentorship to thousands of students.

Many officers serving /retired guides the interview appearing student. Video recording are provided to students for self evaluation. Better material supports are provided to interview appearing student. 64 BPSC interview has track record of as many as 500+ students in our mock interviews. 

Perfection IAS is coming up with Interview Guidance Programme for 66th BPSC Personality Test. 

What we will be providing in this? 

(1) A total of 3-4 Mocks for each candidate. 

(2) Important Classes related to Personality Development. 

(3) Do's and Don'ts Series During Interview 

(4) Specific Approach of Bpsc Panel will be discussed. 

(5) For better Assessment Video recording will be given Instantly. 

(6) Special Slots Arrangements for Students outside the Patna. 

(7) Genuine and Tested Feedback & Practical Suggestions to Students. 

For More Details and Updates You can Visit Our Office or, Can Call on Our Official Number 9031036703,9031036704.

Do not miss the last Opportunity to get selected!!Prepare Smartly and work qualitatively!

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