Practice is the key to success in the preliminary examination. Yes, it goes without saying that the daily Multiple Choice Question practice is much needed effort for every aspiring student’s. On a daily basis, our Free Quiz channel is updated and questions are provided.

Students are expected to visit the channel twice and thrice and hit the every question with multiple Revisions. It will not only give you the inner confidence but also provides you all the parameters of evaluation of your preparation. It is suggested for those students specially who always fall short of few marks in preliminary examination to practice the quizzes on daily basis.

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

(1) Click here for MCQ as on 04.12.21

(2) Click here for MCQ as on 13.12.21

(3) Click here for MCQ as on 16.12.21

(4) Click here for MCQ as on 17.12.21

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