PRAYAS For 68th BPSC Prelims Exam

Free Mock Tests Paper available in both Online & Offline Mode, Designed strictly on BPSC Pattern. It was held in various center in Bihar and Karol Bagh, Delhi for 68th BPSC Prelims Exam.

Important Instructions:

1. Registration Closed For PRAYAS TEST SERIES.

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Very Important Instruction while Registration for Prayas:

(a) Only ONE TIME Registration is required for All the PRAYAS Test Series.

(b) Admit Card Need to download ONLY ONCE for All the PRAYAS Test Series.

(c) Registration time - Monday to Saturday (Till 10: 00 AM)

(d) Registration Closes Every Saturday Morning 10.00 AM

Without Proper Registration, Student can’t download the admit card and he/she will fail to attempt the test.

(d) Choose proper Mode of Test either Offline or Online and the Test Center

(e) Test Center - Patna, Muzaffarpur, Purnea and Karol Bagh, Delhi

(f) Admit Card Required ONLY for OFFLINE Test.

(g) NO Admit Card is required for ONLINE Test.

(h) Test Timing - 12:00 Noon to 02:00 PM

*** Student can download the Admit Card on Alternate days. For example: Student fill the registration form on Monday and then he can download his/her admit card on Wednesday.* 


Prayas Test Papers:

(a) Click here to download Prayas Test_1 Question PDF

(b) Click here to download Prayas Test_1 Solution PDF 

(c) Click here to download Prayas Test_2 Question PDF 

(d) Click here to download Prayas Test_2 Solution PDF 

(e) Click here to download Prayas Test_3 Question PDF 

(f) Click here to download Prayas Test_3 Solution PDF 

Prayas Results:

(a) Online Test Result_1 - Click here

(b) Offline Test Result_1 - Click here 

(c) Online Test Result_2 - Click here 

(d) Offline Test Result_2 - Click here 

BPSC 68th Prelims Test Series (For Online Test Only)


(1) Test Covering - Sectional and Full length Tests. Explanation will be provided.
(2) Payment - Applicable for only ONLINE Test.
(3) Offline Test - Kindly visit the Boring Road Branch Office.
(3) Test Timing - 12 Noon to 02.00 PM.
(4) Test Paper - Will be Uploaded Just 5 minutes before the Test Date.
(5) PDF - Test Paper PDF will be downloaded after 12 hrs from PIAS App.

Click to download 68th BPSC Test Series Schedule

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Very Important Instruction while Attempting the Test: 

While attempting the test, don’t minimize the test application, no calls and no navigation between the browser, ELSE Test will be AUTOMATICALLY GET Submitted.


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