How to not Fail in BPSC Exam
How to not Fail in BPSC Exam

The most basic step in the preparation for the BPSC examination is to emphasize the basics. You need a strong base for the foundation to stand. Adhere to select books, like the NCERT for your preparation.

Fishing for the right study material is essential.  Rather than the quantity the students should focus on the quality which we at Perfection IAS provide.

Practicing mock tests and previous years' questions will help the students understand the exam pattern better and also boost their confidence. The students should make note of the difficult questions and practice them more religiously.

Set a goal and a routine. Setting a goal will help you stay clear and focused on the path. Following a routine will be beneficial to cover every topic.

Social media and the internet have become major distractions and a hindrance in the preparation for BPSC. The students should stay away from their phones during their routine time to study. Try and differentiate between the buzz and information you read on the internet. Rather than following and reading everything on the internet students should be selective about from they want to grasp information.

A small interval between your studies will help you refocus and recharge. Timely breaks will help improve your concentration.

The aspirants are often seen sitting and studying for hours and hours at end. It could result in sore muscles. It is important to exercise regularly.  As regular exercise increases cognitive functions and focus.

As a human, we all need ample rest to function properly. The students most often skip their sleep or follow irregular sleeping patterns. This results in lethargy. Healthy sleep is a must for the brain to function properly.

The BPSC examination is not a one-day examination. You need at least a year of preparation before you sit for the preliminary examination of BPSC. The students will have to be consistent and true to their preparation only then will they be able to crack the examination.

Chandra Gupta with the help of Chanakya was able to build one of the most noted empires, the Mauryan Empire. Hence, we can say that with the right guidance, you will surely be able to clear the BPSC examination.

We at Perfection IAS provide you with bilingual classes, foundation-building classes, weekend tests, and mentorship. We cover every topic of the General Studies paper very precisely. Every minute detail of the syllabus is covered by us. We believe that if you have dreamed it you should achieve it. We will guide you through, until the end.