Study NCERT Books for the preparation of Civil Services Examination
Study NCERT Books for the preparation of Civil Services Examination

The reason being:

(a) NCERT textbooks are written in a simple and easy to understand language, making them accessible to students of all backgrounds and levels of understanding. The textbooks cover a wide range of topics and are well-researched, providing accurate information.

(b) The information provided in NCERT textbooks cover the basics of various subjects, providing a solid foundation for further learning. We at Perfection IAS provide regular tests to boost your confidence and understanding of the basics of the NCERT textbooks.

(c) NCERT textbooks are widely available and affordable, making them accessible to students from all parts of the country. The textbooks are also available in both English and Hindi, which is an advantage for students who are more comfortable with one language over the other.

(d) NCERT textbooks cover a vast range of topics from the school level, providing a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. This is particularly helpful for civil services aspirants who need to have a broad understanding of multiple subjects.

(e) Call them a boon, Bible, or Aadhar(lifeline); NCERT textbooks are a must for civil services preparations as they provide a solid foundation, accurate information, and easy accessibility. However, it is important to supplement NCERT textbooks with other sources and practice extensively to ensure success in the civil services exam.