Civil Services Examination is Not a Cup of Tea !
Civil Services Examination is Not a Cup of Tea !

 • At the same time , you have to think like matured future officer and act accordingly. 

• You will never be successful if you are complaining for pitty things in your preparation.  

• You have to take the tougher sides of preparation and lifestyle. 

• You have to go through extreme days and night efforts for your syllabus and revision, then only you will be in position to crack this examination. 

• If you holds the attitude of superficial actness of preparation and non sincere approach for the examination. 

• It becomes really difficult to even qualify the prelims examination over the years and years. 

• The fresher students need to think accordingly that how and what is necessary for their preparation. 

• Indulging in the unnecessary stuffs will kill your upcoming years of exams and sincerity. 

• It's better to understand that There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out the approach what is needed for the exam. 

• History is evidence that " You will never see the easier success in the civil services examination".

• It demands your sacrifice and proper trusted Guidance of your mentor and faculty. 

• Respect the expectations of your parents and your Mentors who is intensively working for your dreams come true. 

• If you fails to ensure this , it is better to end up your dream of getting into the civil services as the minimum requisite of civil services exam is your pure dedication and endless struggle for better candidate for the services! 

• And Finally Again You will never see a easy success in the civil services examination! 

• It requires your atleast one year of selfless and non judgemental preparation for the exam.