67th BSPC Mains Answer Writing Tips
67th BSPC Mains Answer Writing Tips

(2). How to be Very exact and close to demand of question in 67th BPSC Mains Exam?

Answer - It goes without saying that the more you are close to the demand of question, better your answer is.

(a) Make a minute effort for brainstorming and think What Asked and what should be written?

(b) Jot down fastly what subheadings your will raise.

(c) Hit the Terminology used in question like Examine, Discuss etc.

(d) Try to arrange the points according to the terminology directed in question.

(e) Revisit the question two three times before starting the answers.

(3). How to avoid Average Marking in any questions in 67th BPSC Mains Exam?

Answer - Generally in BPSC Mains Question, almost all students uses same stuffs in answers. Here you have to be very specific in approach.

Write some innovative points, Constitutional Provision, Best Practices, Comparative Analysis of Recent Development, International Recognition, Right based approach, Scholar's Observation, Sound Subheadings, simple info graphic Affirmative Conclusion.

(4). How to revise now faster and quicker for 67th BPSC Mains Exam?

Answer - Learning is based on the repetition. Pre Read the main heading and subheading.

(a) Know important hotspot of chapters and mark the effective inputs.

(b) Ensure sense of completion by covering known topics and then going to unknown/forgettable topics.

(c) Use intensive concentration by making the goal each day.

(d) Use Diagrams and Flowchart for every chapter.