Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 14.11.2023


1. PVTG Development Mission

Why in news: PM Modi to launch PM PVTG Development Mission in huge step to empower tribal people

Key points:

• PVTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups) is a 24 thousand crore rupee scheme.

• Its objective is to ensure holistic development of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups.

• The launch of Pradhan Mantri PVTG Development Mission was announced in the budget (2023-24) of this year

• There are 75 PVTGs in 18 States and Union Territories living in 22 thousand 544 villages having a population of around 28 lakhs.

• The Mission plans to provide with basic facilities such as road and telecom connectivity, electricity, safe housing, clean drinking water and sanitation, improved access to education, health and nutrition and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

• The Mission will be implemented through convergence of 11 interventions of nine Ministries.

2. Meitei Extremist Groups

Why in news: Centre banned 9 Meitei extremist groups for 5 years mostly operating from Manipur

Key points:

• Home Ministry said in a notification that these Meitei Extremist organisations have been engaged in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

3. Airgun Surrender Abhiyan Initiative

Why in news: Airgun Surrender Abhiyan initiative of Arunachal Pradesh Govt selected as India’s best success story on wildlife conservation to present in UNESCO’s International Conference

Key points:

• UNESCO’s International Conference on Biosphere Reserves was held at Sabah, Malaysia recently.

• Dr. Damodhar A.T. represented India on the occasion

• He presented India’s country report along with the success story in this UNESCO’s International Conference and meeting on Biosphere Reserves.

Value Addition:

• The Airgun Surrender Abhiyan is an initiative of the Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of the state Government.

• Under the scheme people were invited to voluntarily surrender their Airguns and licensed guns to stop the use of these guns to kill birds and other wild animals.

• The programme was officially launched on March 17, 2021 at Lumdung in East Kameng District.

4. India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue

Why in news: Fifth India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue concludes successfully in Delhi

Key points:

• In 2+2 dialogue, foreign and defence ministers participated and discussed strategic and security issues.

• India also has 2+2 dialogue mechanism with Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Key Highlights:

• Defence: Both to co-produce infantry combat vehicles as part of Defense Industrial Cooperation.

• Both looked forward to finalizing Security of Supply Arrangement (SOSA).

• It will further integrate the defense industrial ecosystems of both countries while strengthening supply chain resilience.

• Science and Technology Partnerships: Reviewed U.S.-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET).

• iCET aims to strengthen and broaden the strategic technological partnership between the companies, and academic institutions.

• Trade: Welcomed the progress of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF).

• IPEF has four pillars relating to Trade (I); Supply Chains

• (II); Clean Economy (III); and Fair Economy (IV).

• India has joined three pillars of the IPEF, but stayed out of the trade pillar.

• Multilateral Diplomacy and Connectivity: Both reframed the importance of a free, open, inclusive and resilient IndoPacifc and reiterated benefits of India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor.

5. Digital Advertisement Policy 2023

Why in news: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting approved the Digital Advertisement Policy 2023

Key points:

• It will enable the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) to leverage the digital media space to create awareness about government schemes and policies.


• To improve the social media outreach of various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India.

• To implement a policy framework that enables Ministries and CBC to engage with Social Media Platforms.

Features of the policy:

• Enable CBC to empanel agencies and organizations in the OTT and Video on Demand Space.

• The empanelment of Digital Audio platforms to leverage the growing number of listeners to Podcasts and Digital Audio.

• Introduces competitive bidding for rate discovery, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

• Empower CBC to onboard New and Innovative Communication Platforms in the Digital Space.

Benefits of policy:

• Effective delivery of citizen-centric messages in a targeted manner,

• Cost efficiencies in public-oriented campaigns.

• Leverage a huge subscriber base (internet penetration in India as of March 2023, is over 880 million and over 1172 million telecom subscribers)

• Technology-enabled messaging options

• Can channelize public service campaign messages through Mobile App


1. Nepal

Why in news: Nepal: Govt decides to ban social media app TikTok

Key points:

• The government of Nepal has decided to ban TikTok as it was necessary to regulate the use of the social media platform that was disrupting social harmony, goodwill and flow of indecent materials.

• TikTok has faced scrutiny in a number of countries because of concerns that Beijing could use the app to harvest user data or advance its interests.

2. Pakistan

Why in news: Pakistan opened three new border crossings to expedite deportation of Afghans living in country illegally

Key points:

• The expulsions mostly affect Afghans, who make up the majority of foreigners in Pakistan.

• It has drawn criticism from the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan as well as human rights organizations like Amnesty International.

• Currently, about 15,000 Afghans have been crossing the border every day from Pakistan.

• Pakistan has long hosted millions of Afghans, most of them fled during the 1979-1989 Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.


1. Commercial Coal Mines Auctions

Why in news: Ministry of Coal to launch 8th Round of Commercial Coal Mines Auctions

Key points:

• A total of 39 Mines of five states are to be offered in this round of auction.

• These States are Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal.

Value Addition:

• The Coal sector opened for Commercial Coal Mining in 2020.

• The first-ever successful auctions of Commercial Mining launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June, 2020.

• Since then, the Ministry of Coal has conducted seven rounds of Commercial Coal Mining auctions.

• It is a significant step towards promoting private sector participation in the coal mining industry and increasing coal production.

2. India International Trade Fair

Why in news: India International Trade Fair to begin at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi

Key points:

• It is the 42nd edition of the India International Trade Fair -2023 It will be inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Anupriya Patel

• The theme of the fair is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

• Bihar and Kerala are the Partner States.

• Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are the Focus States.


1. UN Report

Why in news: UN Report highlighted severe water scarcity impacting children in South Asia due to climate change

Key points:

• Nearly 350 million children are struggling with “high or extremely high water scarcity” in South Asia, the highest number among all regions in the world.

• Across South Asia, 70 million children live in drought-prone regions where aquifers are severely over-pumped, according to the report based on analysis by UNICEF.

• South Asia, according to the recent report, was followed by Eastern and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa where 130 million and 102 million children, respectively, are at risk from severe water scarcity.


1. GPS Ankle

Why in news: GPS ankle monitors for UAPA-accused on bail

Key points:

• The Jammu and Kashmir police became the first in the country to deploy a GPS-enabled, wearable tracking device to monitor and record the movement of an accused released on bail.

• A Special Court in Jammu granted bail to Ghulam Mohd Bhat.

• He has been accused of terror financing under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967

• He was granted bail on the condition that Bhat wears a GPS tracker around his ankle.

About GPS Tracker:

• GPS Tracking refers to a Global Positioning System.

• It entails a network of 24 satellites in orbit and devices on the ground that can establish a person or object’s location on Earth with astonishing precision.

• GPS Tracking tracks three separate data sets: positioning, navigation, and timing.


• Asia-Pacific Airlines aim For 5% Green Fuel Usage by which year-2030

• 6th India-OPEC Energy dialogue high-level meeting was held In which country-Vienna, Austria

• India has inked $400 Million deal for Urban Infrastructure Development with organisation-ADB

• Pablo Picasso’s ‘Woman With A Watch’ sells for what amount-Record $139 Million

• What is the name of an AI-powered humanoid robot appointed by Dictator, a Polish beverage company, as its experimental CEO-Mika

• Coronation Food Project, which was seen in the news, is associated with which country-UK

• In which state, a section of the under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Dandalgaon collapsed trapping approximately 36-40 laborers—Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

• The Central government unveiled a groundbreaking web portal that is set to become a permanent repository for various data concerning Indian cities. What is the name of the portal-‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities

• What is the name of the new sub-variant of the Omicron variant reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States-JN.1

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch the PM-PVTG Development Mission on who’s birthday-Birsa Munda


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