Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 30.10.2023


1. Infantile Hypophosphatasia

Why in news – A child was diagnosed with the rarest of rare diseases Infantile Hypophosphatasia (HPP) in India recently.

Key Points –

• It is a rare genetic disease.

• Patient’s bones and teeth demineralize, making her fragile and prone to fractures.

• It is caused by mutations in the ALPL gene.

• This is the only gene that causes HPP.

• When a mutation occurs, the protein may be faulty, inefficient, or absent, as in HPP.


1. Hurricane Otis

Why in news – Hurricane Otis made landfall on the coast of southern Mexico.

Key Points –

• It is the fastest intensifying hurricane in the Eastern Pacific since 1966.

• Hurricanes are tropical storms that form in the Atlantic Ocean.

• Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters when the sea surface temperature is typically above 26 degrees Celsius.

2. David’s Sling (Magic Wand)

Why in news – Israel is using its David’s Sling air-defense system to intercept a Hamas rocket.

Key Points –

• It is a highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art anti-missile defence system.

• At the core of David’s Sling lies the “Stunner” or “SkyCeptor,” an advanced multi-mission interceptor.

• It complements other systems like Arrow 2, Arrow 3, Iron Dome, and Iron Beam.

• Iron Dome shoots down short-range rockets, and Arrow shoots down long-range ballistic missiles.


1. Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI)

Why in news – PM Narendra Modi chaired the meeting of the 43rd edition of PRAGATI (2015) recently.

Key Points –

• It is an interactive and integrated platform chiefly established to consider the grievances of the common man.

• Objectives - Project implementation, Project monitoring and Grievance redressal.

• It is a 3-tier system including PM, Secretaries of the GOI, and State Chief Secretaries.

• Designed by: PMO with the National Informatics Centre.


1. Roman Space Telescope

Why in news – NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be launched to explore Milky Way Galaxy.

Key Points –

• It is designed to unravel the secrets of dark energy and dark matter, search for and image exoplanets, and explore many topics in infrared astrophysics.

• Planned launch: 2027.

• It has a field of view that is 100 times greater than the Hubble infrared instrument, capturing more of the sky with less observing time.

• It has a 2.4m telescope, the same size as Hubble’s, but with a view 100 times greater than Hubble’s.

2. Calixcoca Vaccine

Why in news – Brazil scientists developed a new ‘vaccine’ Calixcoca” Vaccine, for cocaine addiction.

Key Points –

• It promises to prevent the addictive effects of cocaine or crack.

• Calixcoca functions by inducing an immune response that generates antibodies capable of binding to cocaine molecules in the bloodstream.

• This binding process results in the enlargement of cocaine molecules, rendering them too large to pass into the brain’s “reward centre” or mesolimbic system.

• This area of the brain is typically stimulated by cocaine to release dopamine, the pleasure-inducing neurotransmitter.

• Consequently, individuals who receive the vaccine will not experience the desired euphoric effects of cocaine, potentially assisting them in breaking the cycle of addiction.

3. Haemoglobin

Why in news – Scientists found that Haemoglobin is not used only in blood.

Key Points –

• A new study reported that chondrocyte-cells that make cartilage make hemoglobin and form hemoglobin bodies (Hedy).

• Previously, it was understood that haemoglobin was used only by Red Blood Cells (RBCs).

• Haemoglobin in Chondrocytes carries oxygen and is essential for their survival.

• Haemoglobin in the chondrocytes stores oxygen and supplies it to the cells when required.

Value Addition –

• Haemoglobin is an iron-containing protein in the blood of animals that transports oxygen to the tissues.

• It is present in RBCs of vertebrates.

• All vertebrates except cold-water ice fish transport oxygen via hemoglobin.

• Haemoglobin develops in cells in bone marrow that become RBCs.

• RBC (aka erythrocytes) carries oxygen from lungs to every cell in body.

• Red blood cells don't have a nucleus like white blood cells, allowing them to change shape and move throughout your body easier.

4. Nanophotonic Electron Accelerator (NEA)

Why in news – Scientists fired up Nanophotonic Electron Accelerator (NEA), World's smallest particle accelerator.

Key Points –

• NEA consists of a small microchip containing an even smaller vacuum tube which is made up of thousands of individual pillars.

• Aim - to utilise the energy given by accelerated electrons in targeted medical treatments for cancer.

• NEA is similar to Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as both create a magnetic field to accelerate particles.

Value Addition –

• Particle accelerators are devices that speed up charged particles, (protons or electrons), at high speeds, close to speed of light.

• They are essential for fundamental research for an improved understanding of matter, discovery for particle and nuclear physics and for sciences that use x-rays and neutrons.

• They also have applications related to health, environmental monitoring, food quality, etc.


1. Curcuma Kakchingense

Why in news – A new flowering plant species Curcuma kakchingense was discovered in Manipur.

Key Points –

• Location: Kakching district, Manipur.

• It was found dwelling along the bank of the Sekmai River of Kakching district.

• It is distinguished by having lemon-yellow coloured rhizomes with a very bitter taste, and glabrous dark reddish-brown bladeless sheaths.

• Curcuma is important for its use in cuisines, traditional medicines, spices, dyes, perfumes, cosmetics, and as ornamental plants.

2. Global Declaration of River Dolphins

Why in news – 11 countries signed the first-of-its-kind Global Declaration of River Dolphins by 2030.

Key Points –

• 11 River dolphin range countries - Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru and Venezuela.

• Aim - halt and reverse the decline of all river dolphin species in both Asia and South America.

• Declaration has 8 pillars of protection e.g., protected areas, Eradicating unsustainable fishing practices, Engaging local communities and Indigenous Peoples etc.

• River Dolphins are top predators in some of the world’s greatest river systems and important indicators of river’s health.

Value addition –


1. Exercise Harimau Shakti 2023

Why in news – A joint bilateral training exercise between the Indian and Malaysian Armies was held recently.

Key Points –

• Venue - Umroi Cantonment, Meghalaya.

• It is a follow-up to the previous edition held in Pulai, Kluang, Malaysia, in November 2022.


1. Bihar Biofuels Production Promotion Policy, 2023

Why in news – The Government of Bihar has introduced the Bihar Biofuels Production Promotion Policy, 2023.

Key Points –

• It has been built upon the success of the Ethanol Production Promotion Policy, 2021.

• This policy expands the scope of biofuels production by including Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG)/bio-CNG manufacturing units.

Aim –

(a) utilization of agricultural residues, animal dung, food waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and sewage water to generate renewable automotive fuel.

(b) Promote and incentivize investment in fuel-grade standalone new/green-field Ethanol and CBG manufacturing units in Bihar.

(c) Increase the income of farmers producing feedstock/raw material for biofuels production.

(d) Create local employment opportunities through the establishment of new Ethanol and CBG industries.

• Benefits - The selected unit can get capital subsidy up to 15%, maximum up to Rs 5 crore.


• Who has provided an alternative facility of postal ballot for the elderly, disabled and corona-infected people - Election Commission of India.

• Who has become the quickest bowler to take 40 wickets in the ODI Cricket World Cup - Mohammed Shami.

• Which bank has unveiled the 'XpressWay' digital platform for swift and efficient banking services - HDFC Bank.

• Where India and EU ships conducted joint activities in an effort to reinforce maritime security cooperation in support of the region - Gulf of Guinea.

• Which state government has set up URIDA to implement the CM Grid Scheme - Uttar Pradesh.

• Which country has launched the Shenzhou-17 manned spacecraft – China.

• Who has organized the 'Chanakya Defence Dialogue 2023' - Indian Army.

• Which city has hosted the Green Tourism Conclave For Responsible Tourism In Northeast – Shillong.

• Which IIT and Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate increased collaboration in developing education programs with a focus on research to foster talent development in the Indian aerospace sector - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

• Who has been elected as Malaysia's next king - Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.


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