Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 27.10.2023


1. Ayodhya’s Ram Temple

Why in news – PM Narendra Modi to attend consecration ceremony of Lord Ram idols at Ayodhya’s Ram temple in Jan 2024.

Key Points –

• The newly constructed Ram temple in Ayodhya will be inaugurated on January 22, 2024.

2. Death sentence for 8 Indian Navy Personnel

Why in news - The Qatar Court announced death sentence for eight Indian Navy personnel.

Key Points –

• They are charged with spying on a secret submarine program on behalf of Israel.

• All employees of Al Dahra company.

• Al Dahra is a company advising on a Qatari program aimed at obtaining high-tech Italian-made submarines that could evade radar detection.


1. India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor

Why in news – US President Joe Biden linked India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) to Hamas attack.

Key Points –

• IMEC integrates the entire region with a network of railroads.

• The war hinders the regional integration for Israel, and regional integration overall.

• IMEC comprises an eastern corridor connecting India to the Gulf region and a northern corridor connecting the Gulf region to Europe.

Challenges to IMEC –

• Recurring war - The eruption of fighting in Israel and the renewed tensions.

• De-railing normalization - It threatens to upend all US efforts to co-opt countries in the West Asian region to normalize ties with Israel.

• Saudi-Israel wedge - The Saudi-Israel peace initiative could be the first casualty due to mounting anger in the Arab world.

• Wider war - Israeli attack on Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran etc can lead to wider conflict.

• Premature initiative - IMEC was perhaps announced prematurely, well before any implementation details were finalised, or communicated at a country level.

• War overhang – there could be an extended impact of this conflagration, even if fighting were to subside in the coming days.

• Sick man of Europe - Already, because of the feeling of being bypassed, the Turkish government has announced its own project as a counter to the IMEC. It seeks to bolster its historic role as a transport route for goods moving from Asia to Europe.

• Cross-country railway lines and shipping corridors.

• Logistical complexities - multi-modal shipment transfers and consignments being subjected to multiple national customs checks and clearance.

2. Rafah Border Crossing

Why in news – The Rafah border crossing is the sole crossing point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Key Points –

• It is the only point not controlled by Israel where civilians can enter and leave Gaza by land.

• It is located near the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

3. Shi Yan 6

Why in news – Chinese research ship docked at Colombo port amid security concerns.

Key Points –

• India fears that the vessel's tracking systems can snoop on Indian defense installations.

• The US also expressed concern to Sri Lanka about the scheduled visit of the Chinese research ship.


1. Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023

Why in news – Centre launched ‘Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023’.

Key Points –

• Launched by - Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.

• Aim - to design & prototype innovative apps or software that can detect dark patterns on e-Commerce platforms.

• Aim - to provide protection to consumers from all types of unfair trade practices.


1. Interconnected Disaster Risks Report 2023

Why in news – The report was published by United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS).

Key Points –

Findings –

(a) India is close to reaching its groundwater depletion tipping point.

(b) 27 of the world’s 31 major aquifers (underground reservoirs) are depleting faster than they can be replenished.

(c) Punjab and the north-western region will experience critically low groundwater availability by 2025.

Value Addition -

• Environmental tipping points are critical thresholds in the Earth’s systems beyond which abrupt and often irreversible changes occur.

• Around 30% of the world’s fresh water is stored as groundwater.

• The excessive pumping of groundwater has also caused the Earth’s axis to tilt 4.36 cm per year.

• India is the world’s largest user of groundwater, exceeding the use of the United States and China combined.


1. Mike Johnson

Why in news – Republican Mike Johnson of Louisiana elected as the 56th speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Key Points –

• Republicans united to elect Johnson in a 220-209 vote.

2. Robert Fico

Why in news – Robert Fico was appointed Slovakia's prime minister for the 4th time.

Key Points –

• His party name - SMER-SSD.

• He pledged to end military support for Ukraine and criticising sanctions on Russia.


1. Para Asian Games 2023

Why in news – Bihar Athlete Shailesh Kumar won Gold Medal in High Jump Event T63 of Para Asian Games 2023.

Key Points –

• He belongs to Jamui district of Bihar.

• Earlier, Shailesh had won a silver medal at the Para Athletics World Championships held in Paris in July 2023.

• Venue - Hangzhou, China (October 22 to 28).

2. Bihar’s Buddhist Circuit

Why in news – Deputy CM Tejashwi Prasad Yadav promoted the state’s Buddhist circuit at Japan Tourism Expo.

Key Points –

• Buddhist circuit which could attract Japanese visitors.

• He also inaugurated the Bihar pavilion at the travel show to carry out international branding of the state’s tourist destinations.


• Sri Lanka has announced visa-free entry to how many neighboring countries - 7 (India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand).

• Which country has named the cyclonic storm 'Hamoon' that arose in the Bay of Bengal – Iran.

• Which Indian-American has been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by the US President - Ashok Gadgil.

• UP CM Yogi Adityanath has laid the foundation stone of which museum in Lucknow - Naval Gallantry Museum.

• Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for edtech startup, Henry Harwin Education - Chetan Bhagat.

• India and which country have started bilateral training of “Exercise Harimau Shakti 2023” – Malaysia.

• Which state launched the 'Mission Mahila Sarathi' initiative under the state's Mission Shakti - Uttar Pradesh.

• Which became the first country to launch electromagnetic railgun from offshore vessel – Japan.

• A two-day-long Anthurium Festival held in which state – Mizoram.

• The first edition of the Indian Military Heritage Mahotsav was inaugurated in which city – Delhi.


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