Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 20.10.2023


1. Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS)

Why in news - PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the first leg of RRTS (Delhi and Meerut) on October 20.

Key Points –

• It is India’s first mass rapid system dedicated to regional connectivity.

• RRTS is an integrated, mass transit network that aims to ensure “balanced and sustainable urban development”.

• It is a joint venture company of the Central government and the governments of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

• RRTS is also known as Namo Bharat.

• Implemented by - Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

• When compared with metros, the RRTS network is faster.

2. Cyclone Tej

Why in news – IMD warns of cyclonic storm in Arabian Sea.

Key Points –

• It is likely to affect Mumbai and Pune.

• Cyclone Tej was named by India.


1. Reforms in Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

Why in news – A G20 expert panel on strengthening MDBs wants reforms in financing developmental projects.

Key Points –

• It wants them to shift from financing individual projects to prioritizing programs with sectoral focus and long-term transformation plans.

• MDBs should focus their operations on helping national governments operationalize their highest priority SDGs.

MDBs –

• Its members include multiple developed and developing countries.

• Usually, developed countries contribute to the lending pool while developing countries borrow to fund development projects.

• They provide financing and technical assistance to countries for transport, energy, urban infrastructure, etc.

• Examples - World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Investment Bank etc.


1. Gaganyaan Mission

Why in news – ISRO to demonstrate the performance of the Crew Escape System of the Gaganyaan project.

Key Points –

• Test name - Test Vehicle-Demonstration 1 (TV-D1).

• Aim - to allow the Gaganyaan crew to leave the spacecraft in an emergency.

• The flight will be the first of two abort missions to test the safety mechanisms.

It involves –

(a) The rocket rise to an altitude of almost 17 km before an abort signal is triggered, leading to the separation of the crew module.

(b) Crew module will descend using a parachute for a splashdown in the Bay of Bengal.

• The Gaganyaan project envisages demonstration of human spaceflight capability by launching crew of 3 members to an orbit of 400 km for a 3 days mission and bring them back safely to earth, by landing in Indian sea waters.

New Technologies involved in Gaganyaan Mission –

• Human rated LVM3 (HLVM3) - All systems in LVM3 launch vehicle are re-configured to meet human rating requirements.

• Crew Module (CM) – It is a habitable space with an Earth-like environment in space for the crew.

• Life support system – CM is double walled construction consisting of a pressurized metallic Inner Structure with Thermal Protection System (TPS).

• Service Module (SM) - It is an unpressurized structure containing thermal system, propulsion system, power systems, avionics systems and deployment mechanisms.

• Crew training - Astronaut Training Facility is established in Bengaluru for Micro-gravity familiarization through Parabolic Flights, Aero-medical training, Recovery & Survival training etc.

• Crew Escape System (CES) – It ensures that Crew Module along with crew is taken to a safe distance in case of any emergency either at launch pad or during the ascent phase.

• Drogue parachutes - It plays a pivotal role in stabilizing the crew module and reducing its velocity to a safe level during re-entry.

• Throttleable and restartable L110 Vikas engine (liquid engine) - It is capable of controlling propellant use.


1. Early Warning System

Why in news – Tamil Nadu is nearing the completion of its first artificial intelligence (AI)-based early warning system.

Key Points –

• Aim - to prevent wild elephants from getting hit by trains.

• It is being implemented on the railway lines along the Ettimadai-Walayar section.

• 12 e-surveillance towers have been installed.


1. 15th Global Pension Index 2023

Why in news – It was released by Mercer and CFA Institute.

Key Points –

• Top 3 – Netherland (1st), Iceland (2nd) and Denmark (3rd).

• Bottom 3 – Argentina (Last), Philippines, India.

• India’s rank - 45th (Category – D, Score - 45.9).


1. Operation Chakra-2

Why in news – The CBI conducted searches at 76 locations across the country under Operation Chakra-2.

Key Points –

• Aim – to tackle cyber-enabled financial fraud.

• The CBI is working closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, USA), INTERPOL etc.

• Chakra-1 was conducted in 2022 by the CBI.


1. Book “The Reverse Swing - Colonialism to Cooperation”

Why in news – Hardeep Singh Puri launched the book “titled The Reverse Swing - Colonialism to Cooperation”.

Key Points –

• Author - Ashok Tandon.


1. Bihar State University Service Commission (BSUSC)

Why in news – Girish Kumar Chaudhary has been appointed new chairman of BSUSC.

Key Points –

• He succeded Rajvardhan Azad.

• He has been appointed for a period of 3 years from the date of his joining or the age of 72 years, whichever is earlier.

2. Thawe Mata Temple

Why in news – Dy CM Tejashwi Prasad Yadav laid the foundation for the beautification of Thawe Mata temple.

Key Points –

• Location – Gopalganj.

• It is scheduled to be completed in 18 months at a cost of Rs 29 crore.

3. Makhana Vikas Yojana

Why in news – Bihar government is working hard to increase the income of the farmers.

Key Points –

• Aim - to increase the productivity of Makhana through high-quality seeds.

• A subsidy of Rs 72,750 is being given to the farmers which is 75% of total production cost per hectare.

• The cost of cultivation of a high variety of Makhana in the state is Rs. 97,000 per hectare.

• Subsidy benefits will be given to the farmers of 11 districts i.e., Katihar, Purnia, Madhubani, Kishanganj, Supaul, Araria, Madhepura, Saharsa, West Champaran, Darbhanga and Sitamarhi.

• Presently, the production of Makhana is 16 quintals per hectare, but with the new varieties, its production has increased to 28 quintals/hectare.

• High-yielding varieties of Makhana - Swarna Vaidehi & Sabour Makhana-Van.

• Bihar's Mithila Makhana has been awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in August 2022.

4. Bihar’s Food Production

Why in news – President Murmu launched Bihar’s 4th agriculture road map (budget - Rs 1.62 lakh crores) on October 18, 2023.

Key Points –

• Bihar is probably the first in India to implement an “agriculture roadmap” for developing sustainable agriculture.

• The first Bihar agriculture roadmap was launched in 2008, followed by a second in 2012 and third in 2017.

• CM Nitish Kumar said there would be no need of a 5th agriculture roadmap in the state going by the development in the agriculture sector.

• Scenario of different products –


• Which initiative has been launched by the Punjab State Government to make the state completely drug free - Hope Initiative.

• CCEA has approved how many GW green energy corridors in Ladakh - 13 GW.

• National Handicraft Exhibition 'Gandhi Weavers Fair' is being organized in which city – Kolkata.

• Who has partnered with Qualcomm to make wearable devices like smartwatches using chips based on RISC-V technology- Google.

• Which bank has launched the ‘Mookkannoor Mission’ initiative in the village of its founder K P Hormis - Federal Bank.

• Which state has approved the constitution of Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) in the State for three Tiger Reserves of the State namely- Namdapha, Pakke and Kamlang - Arunachal Pradesh.

• Which state has approved the 'Lek Ladki Yojana' (Dear Daughter Scheme) for families with annual income up to Rs one lakh – Maharashtra.

• Who has been honored with the 'Athlete Advocacy Award' at the IOC Climate Action Awards 2023 - Ben Blankenship.

• Who was honored with the first-ever "Girls Leading Change" celebration at the White House - Gitanjali Rao.

• Which city is set to become the country's first wetland city – Udaipur. 


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