Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 22.09.2023



1. 'State of Working India 2023' Report

Why in news – The report was released by Azim Premji University’s Centre for Sustainable Employment.

Key Points –

• 42.3% of India’s graduates under 25 were unemployed in 2021-22.

• After the pandemic, 60% of women were self-employed as compared to 50% before the pandemic.

• Sons of casual wage workers are now increasingly moving towards informal, semi-formal, and formal regular wage work.

• It used data from the National Statistical Office, Employment-Unemployment Surveys, Periodic Labour Force Surveys along with the India Working Survey.


1. India-Canada Tensions and Trade

Why in news - Diplomatic tensions continued to escalate with India stopping visa services in Canada.

Key Points –

• India’s total trade with Canada in 2022-23 was $8 billion (i.e., 0.7% of India’s total trade of $1.1 trillion).

• India enjoyed a tiny trade surplus of $58 million.

• Canada is important to India as a supplier of two major agri-related commodities –

(a) Muriate of Potash (MOP)

I. MOP is 3rd most consumed fertilizer in India.

II. Canada was India’s largest MOP supplier.

(b) Masur Dal or Red Lentil –

I. Canada is India’s largest Masur supplier.

II. Masur has, in recent times, emerged as a substitute for arhar/tur.

2. Alliance of Sahel States

Why in news – Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger signed the Liptako-Gourma Charter to establish the Alliance of Sahel States.

Key Points –

• It is an alliance of 3 West African nations.

• Article 6 of Liptako-Gourma Charter - any attack on one or more signatory states will be considered an attack on all signatories.

• Article 4 - combating terrorism in all its forms and organized crime as a "common area of the alliance".

• It also binds the 3 countries to work to prevent or settle armed rebellions.

• Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger are also the members of France-supported G5 Sahel alliance (2017).


1. Akasa Air Turbulence

Why in news - Akasa Air has been hit by a spate of resignations from pilots over the past few weeks.

Key Points –

• 43 pilots have quit abruptly without serving their regulation notice.

• Most of these pilots have accepted offers from Air India Express.

• A fleet of 20 aircraft is a prerequisite to mount international flights.

• Akasa Air is backed by the late billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

2. Emerging Markets Bond Index

Why in news – JP Morgan Chase & Co to include Indian government bonds (IGBs) to its emerging markets bond index from June 28, 2024.

Key Points –

• It could bring in over $26 billion of passive inflows into India.

• Currently, 23 Indian Government Bonds (IGBs) with a combined notional value of $330 billion are index eligible.


1. Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Why in news – ISRO is gearing up to try and nudge the lander and rover modules of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Key Points –

• It means to awaken the lander and rover from their sleep in an extremely frigid atmosphere.

• The solar-powered Chandrayaan-3 modules had a mission life of just one lunar day (14 days on Earth).

• It was not designed to withstand the extremely cold night-time temperatures on the Moon (-200 degrees Celsius near the south pole).

• Chandrayaan-3 is not equipped with an onboard heating mechanism.

Hop Experiment –

• The lander module made a ‘hop experiment’ just before it was put to sleep.

• The lander made a jump of about 40 cm from the surface and landed safely about 30-40 cm away from its original location.

• It demonstrated ISRO’s capability to get the lander to fire its engines and produce the thrust to lift it off the surface.


1. Climate Ambition Summit

Why in news – The UN Secretary-General convened the summit at UN headquarters in New York on September 20, 2023.

Key Points –

• He said that the climate crisis had "opened the gates to hell".

• China, the United States, India, and Britain were not present.

• Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and fossil fuels remain subsidized to the tune of $7 trillion annually.

• Brazil said it would reach zero deforestation of the Amazon by 2030.


1. Booker Prize 2023

Why in news – Indian-origin author Chetna Maroo’s debut novel ‘Western Lane’ was shortlisted for Booker Prize 2023.

Key Points –

• The novel has been set within the context of the British Gujarati milieu.

• It revolves around the story of an 11-year-old girl named Gopi and her bonds with her family.

• It uses the sport of squash as a metaphor for complex human emotions.


1. FIH-Certified Turf (Astro Turf)

Why in news – International Hockey Federation (FIH)-certified turf to be installed on the premises of

Key Points –

• Location - Physical Education College, Rajendra Nagar (Patna).

• The Directorate of Student and Youth Welfare (under the arts, culture and youth department) has sanctioned Rs 7.96 crore for this.

• It will be developed by Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.

Value Addition –

• In Bihar, the game started in Bihar in 1904 at Patna College.

• In 1928, in the Amsterdam Olympics, India participated for the first time and won a gold medal. Jaipal Singh Munda from Bihar was the captain.

• Zafar Iqbal of Bihar was in the Indian team that won the gold medal in the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

• Dronacharya awardee Harendra Singh (Chhapra) is the coach of America's hockey team.

2. Smart Prepaid Meters (SPMs)

Why in news – All Muzaffarpur urban-1 houses got smart prepaid meters.

Key Points –

• It is the first electric supply division (ESD) in north Bihar where SPMs have been installed in all households.

• The goal is to install 23.5 lakh SPMs across the state by year end.

• Bihar now leads the country in SPM installations.


• Ranjitha, Krishnaveni and Ramayabhe will be the first women priests of which state -Tamil Nadu.

• Udhampur railway station of Jammu and Kashmir has been renamed after which army soldier - Captain Tushar Mahajan.

• "Yashobhoomi" India International Convention and Expo Center has been inaugurated in which state/union territory - New Delhi.

• The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) announced the formation of an Inter-Disciplinary Standing Committee on Cyber Security under whom - P.S. Jagannatham.

• Which state has officially announced renaming of Aurangabad and Osmanabad districts to Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar and Dharashiv – Maharashtra.

• Which state has launched 'Mobile Van Programme' to promote natural farming and eco-friendly practices - Himachal Pradesh.

• The Central Government has launched how many transformative schemes for farmers related to agricultural credit and crop insurance – 3.

• The old Parliament House will be known by which name - “Samvidhan Sadan" (Constitution House).

• Who has been elected Chairman of Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) for 2023-2024 - Renivasan K. Swamy.

• Which coastal security drill was conducted by the Indian Coast Guard along the west coast - Operation Sajag.


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