Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 01.09.2023


1. Ram Nath Kovind Panel

Why in news - Ram Nath Kovind panel was constituted to explore the possibility of “one nation, one election”.

Key Points –

• It means holding elections to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies simultaneously, once in five years.

• Simultaneous elections were previously been conducted in India in 1952, 1957, 1962 and 1967.

• For this amendment will be needed in –

(a) Article 83 and 172 – 5-year term to the elected Lok Sabha and state assemblies.

(b) Article 85 (2)(b) - President can dissolve Lok Sabha.

(c) Article 174 (2)(b)- Governor can dissolve State Legislative Assembly.

(d) Article 356 comes into action in case of governance and constitutional failure.

(e) RoPA Act 1951 and the Anti Defection Law 1985.

2. Bairabi-Sairang Railway Project

Why in news – A steel girder for an under-construction railway bridge in Mizoram collapsed killing 23 people working on it.

Key Points –

• The bridge is one of 185 bridges part of the 51.38 km long Bairabi-Sairang railway project.

• It was in the middle of the river Kurung and the foundation had been built in the running stream.

3. Climate Change and Health Hub

Why in news – India to open a climate change and health hub in New Delhi along with Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Key Points –

• It will facilitate knowledge sharing, and promote partnerships and innovations.

• Earlier, WHO Centre for Global Traditional Medicine was set up in Jamnagar, Gujrat.

4. Aadhaar-Linked Birth Registration (ALBR)

Why in news – Nagaland became the 1st North Eastern State to initiate (ALBR).

Key Points –

• ALBR aims to streamline birth registration by integrating Aadhaar enrolment for children in the age group of 0 to 5 years.


1. Military Coup in Gabon

Why in news – Military officers seized power in Gabon after a disputed election win.

Key Points –

• President Ali Bongo Ondimba who returned to office for a 3rd term, was detained inside his residence.

• Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema was declared as Gabon’s new leader.

• A member of OPEC, Gabon is Africa’s 7th largest oil producer.

• Gabon is an oil-rich Central African nation.

• The Ogooué river is the largest watercourse in Gabon.

2. Digital Services Act (DSA)

Why in news – The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) went into effect.

Key Points –

• It constitutes an overhaul of the EU’s social media and e-commerce rules.

• It tightly regulates the way intermediaries, especially large platforms such as Google, Meta, Twitter, and YouTube, moderate user content.

• Big techs like Meta, Google, and Snap need to disclose more about how they use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer “personalized” content to users.

• Users can opt out of being subjected to digital surveillance by these platforms.

• ‘Very Large Online Platforms’ (VLOPs) and ‘Very Large Online Search Engines’ (VLOSEs) i.e., platforms with more than 45 million users in the EU, have more stringent requirements.

3. Islamic Banking

Why in news – Russia launched Islamic banking for the first time on September 1.

Key Points –

• Pilot program will take place in 4 Muslim-majority republics – Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya and Dagestan.

About Islamic Banking –

• It forbids transactions involving usury, or charging of interest.

• It is asset-based, with profit and risks shared between the financial institution and the client.

• It does not finance sectors harmful to society such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling.

• It does not allow financing speculation, financial derivatives, or “deals with no real asset.”


1. 7th GEF Assembly

Why in news – The 7th assembly of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) was conducted in Vancouver, Canada.

Key Points –

• It was a critical stocktaking for 2030 goals to end pollution and nature loss, and propel inclusive, locally-led conservation.

• It included the launch of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund, a new source of funding for protecting species and ecosystems globally.


1. 100% Ethanol-Powered Car

Why in news – Nitin Gadkari unveiled world's first BS-VI 100% ethanol-powered car.

Key Points –

• Toyota Innova HyCross runs on 100% ethanol.

• Developed by - Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

• It can cover 40% of its distance on ethanol and the remaining 60% on electric.

Value Addition -

• India’s current ethanol blending with petrol is 11.75%.

• Bangladesh has requested India to supply petrol blended with ethanol.


1. Miss Earth India 2023

Why in news – Priyan Sain clinched the title of Miss Earth India 2023.

Key Points –

• She will now represent India at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Vietnam.

• She is from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

• Praveena Aanjna was named Miss International India 2023.

2. 65th Ramon Magsaysay Award 2023

Why in news – 4 Asians were given the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2023.

Key Points –

• 4 Awardees –

(a) Dr Ravi Kannan R. (India) – For strong devotion to his medical profession (oncologist).

(b) Korvi Rakshand (Bangladesh) – Provided free English education to the underprivileged through his NPO JAAGO Foundation.

(c) Eugenio Lemos (Timor-Leste) – Promoted organic farming.

(d) Miriam Coronel-Ferrer (Philippines) - Settled war disputes and resisted her country's martial rule.

• Ravi Kannan is a recipient of Padma Shri and the director of Assam’s Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (CCHRC).

• It is often called the 'Nobel Prize of Asia'.


1. Jaya Verma Sinha

Why in news – Jaya Verma Sinha became the first woman CEO and chairperson of the railway board.

Key Points –

• It assumed charge on September 1 and her tenure will be till August 31, 2024.

• She succeeded Anil Kumar Lahoti.


1. BCCI Sponsorship Rights

Why in news – IDFC First bagged title sponsorship rights for all BCCI international and domestic home matches.

Key Points –

• It includes both men and women’s cricket teams, domestic cricket matches (Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and Ranji Trophy), all junior cricket (Under 19 and Under 23) matches held in India.


1. Model by-laws for Apartments

Why in news – State government is ready with model by-laws to govern the functioning of residential apartment complexes.

Key Points –

• Model by-laws name - Bihar Apartment Owners Model By-laws, 2023.

• Once enforced, the Association of apartment owners (AAOs) will get legal recognition and can get registered with the co-operative department.

• A clause that mandated there would be 2 directors from SC and ST, 2 from EBC and 2 from OBC on the board of management has been now removed.

• It has been framed under the provisions of the Bihar Apartment Ownership Act, 2006.


• Which IIT has joined hands with HSBC to pursue technological advancements towards making green hydrogen production more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable - IIT Bombay.

• Which ministry will soon launch Scheme for Promotion of Research and Innovation in Pharma-MedTech Sector (PRIP) with a total outlay of Rs 5000 crore - Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

• Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar has nominated whom to the department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs - P Chidambaram.

• FIFA has lifted the ban from which country's football federation with immediate effect - Sri Lanka.

• Which country will ban children from wearing the abaya - the loose-fitting, full-length robe worn by some Muslim women – in state-run schools - France.

• India and which country have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost cooperation in civil aviation - New Zealand.

• In which state has the Supreme Court allowed lawyers to conduct self-respect marriages in their personal capacity - Tamil Nadu.

• By how much rupees has the government announced to reduce the price of LPG cylinder amid rising inflation - Rs 200.

• Which state government has announced 27% reservation for OBCs in local bodies based on the report of the Jhaveri Commission – Gujarat.

• To inculcate the values of patriotism among schoolchildren, a chapter on the National War Memorial has been included in the NCERT curriculum of which class from this academic year - Class VII .


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