Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 22.08.2023


1. Drone Testing Center

Why in news - India’s first common testing centre for drones to be set up in Tamil Nadu.

Key Points –

• Location - SIPCOT industrial park, Vallam Vadagal near Sriperumbudur.

• It would be set up under the Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme (DTIS).

2. Night Street Racing

Why in news - Tamil Nadu launched India's first-ever night street racing circuit in Chennai.

Key Points –

• It is the first-ever street circuit in India and South Asia that will be hosting a night race.

• Tamil Nadu has partnered with Racing Promotions Private Limited (RRPL) for the project.

3. 'Digi Yatra' Facility

Why in news - 'Digi Yatra' facility has been launched for the first time in the northeast.

Key Points –

• It was launched at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati.

• ‘Digi Yatra’ app allows entry into the airport by scanning their faces (contactless and seamless movement).


1. Bubonic Plague

Why in news - China's inner Mongolia recorded two cases of bubonic plague.

Key Points –

• Bubonic plague infection is spread mostly by fleas on rodents (bacteria - Yersinia pestis).

• It is the most common form of plague.

• It gets its name from the swollen lymph nodes (buboes) caused by the disease.

• On 23 September 1896, the first “official" case of the bubonic plague in India was reported in Bombay Presidency.


1. 'Lakhpati Didi' Scheme

Why in news – Union government is planning skill development training for two crore women under the 'Lakhpati Didi' scheme.

Key Points –

• Aim - to encourage women to start micro-enterprises.

• The scheme has been in place in some states.

• Women would be provided skill training so that they can earn over Rs 1 lakh per year.

• Women would be trained in skills like plumbing, LED bulb making and operating and repairing drones among others.


1. Pibot

Why in news - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) is developing a humanoid robot named Pibot.

Key Points –

• The group of researchers led by Professor Shim Hyun-Chul.

• Pibot can fly aircraft without needing to modify the cockpit.

• It is the world’s first humanoid pilot.

• The humanoid robot can also communicate with air traffic controllers and humans in the cockpit using voice synthesis.

• The project is expected to be completely developed in 2026.

2. Wipro Center of Excellence (CoE)

Why in news – Wipro launched CoE on generative AI on the premises of the Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence at IIT Delhi.

Key Points –

• It is part of the company’s $1 billion commitment to accelerating AI-led innovation as part of the Wipro ai360 ecosystem.

• Chief Technology Officer at Wipro Limited - Subha Tatavarti.


1. Desalination Plant

Why in news – Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin laid foundation stone for 400 MLD desalination plant in Perur.

Key Points –

• It is claimed to be the biggest in Southeast Asia.

• The Rs 4,276.44 crore plant is to be set up with assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

• It is expected to be completed by 2026.


1. George Ledley Award

Why in news – Indian-American Economist Rajchetty has been honored by Harvard University.

Key Points –

• It recognizes the use of big data to address the barriers and illusions that prevent the American dream from becoming a reality.


1. Butter Festival

Why in news – The Butter Festival (Anduri Utsav) was celebrated at Dayara Bugyal of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.

Key Points –

• Villagers played ‘Holi’ by applying milk and butter instead of Gulal on each other.

• Bugyal means a meadow or pasture.

• Dayara Bugyal is a pristine meadow in Uttarakhand.

• During summer months, Bhotiya tribes go to bugyals with their animals.

2. Maternal Mental Health Program

Why in news – Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a USD 40.5-million loan for Meghalaya.

Key Points –

• It is sanctioned for integrated early childhood development (ECD) and maternal mental health program in Meghalaya.

• The project will strengthen home-based childcare and center-based childcare through daycare (Anganwadi) centers in Meghalaya.

3. Continued Learning Access Project (CLAP)

Why in news – Uttarakhand inaugurated the Continued Learning Access Project (CLAP).

Key Points –

• Under it, children will be able to access the latest knowledge through e-learning vehicle.

4. Amrit Briksha Andolan Campaign

Why in news – Assam launched Amrit Briksha Andolan campaign.

Key Points –

• Under it, one crore saplings of commercial trees will be planted within three hours on September 17, 2023.

• Assam is aiming to grow 6 crore saplings in the government nurseries from next year.


1. Bahumanjila Aavasan Yojana

Why in news – The Urban Development and Housing Department has sent a detailed guide regarding the scheme to district authorities.

Key Points –

• Aim - Bihar State Housing Board will construct a multi-story building for the urban poor.

• It is a part of saat nischay-2 of self-reliant Bihar.

• Priority will be given to the eligible beneficiaries belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes displaced by the anti-encroachments campaign.

• Such families will be provided houses with carpet area up to 30 square metres.

• The houses built under the scheme will first be made available on rent to the beneficiaries on an agreement for 11 months.

2. Jeevika ki Rasoi

Why in news – For the first time in Bihar, 5 Jeevika Didi's kitchen was ISO certified.

Key Points –

• These include Didi's Kitchen, which operates in two other districts of Bihar, including three in Patna.

• They have met all the standards of food safety.

• They have got the certification with help of Project Concern International India.

3. Vimanika Aerospace

Why in news – Vimanika Aerospace is preparing a prototype of flying taxi with the help of IIT Patna.

Key Points –

• Founder of Vimanika Aerospace - Manish Dixit.

• The startup was established in November 2022. The value of the company has gone up to Rs 100 crore.

• The founder has given credit to the startup policy of the state government.

• In November 2022, Manish Dixit received a fund of Rs 10 lakh under the state startup scheme for drone startup.

• The company is providing drone related services in 8 states outside Bihar. These include Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh.


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