Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 21.08.2023


1. Gene-edited Mustard

Why in news - Indian scientists have developed the first ever low-pungent mustard that is pest and disease-resistant.

Key Points –

• It is based on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, while being non-GM and transgene-free.

• CRISPR/Cas9 deploys an enzyme, which acts as a “molecular scissors” to cut the DNA at precise targeted locations.

• Mustard seeds have high levels of glucosinolates (sulfur and nitrogen compounds) contributing to pungency.

• High glucosinolates is known to cause goiter (swelling of neck) and internal organ abnormalities in livestock.

• Canola-quality - low-glucosinolate mustard.

• Varuna - high-yielding Indian mustard variety.

Value Addition –

• Oilseeds yield not only oil for cooking and frying.

• Their so-called meal – the residual cake after extraction of oil from the seeds – is a protein-rich ingredient used in livestock, poultry and aqua feed.

• India’s most significant domestically-grown oilseed is rapeseed-mustard (42.6%) (soyabean -19.2%).

2. India Stack

Why in news - India signed an MoU with Trinidad and Tobago for sharing ‘India Stack’.

Key Points –

• India Stack is a collection of open application programming interfaces that aim to facilitate identity, data, and payment services on a large scale.

• India has already signed MoUs with Armenia, Sierra Leone, Suriname, and Antigua and Barbuda to share India Stack.

• The UPI technology is a part of India Stack.


1. Luna-25 Crashed

Why in news - Luna-25 has ended in failure with the spacecraft crashing onto the lunar surface.

Key Points –

• 15 minutes of terror – Complexity involved in making a descent from the lunar orbit to the Moon’s surface.

• In the past 4 years, Chandrayaan-2 (ISRO), Beresheet (Israel) Hakuto-R (Japan) crashed on the Moon’s surface.

• China landed on its very first attempt in 2013 (Chang’e-3), 2019 (Chang’e-4) and 2020 (Chang’e-5, a sample return mission).

• Except 3 Chinese landings in the past 10 years, all the successful landings on the Moon happened within a decade between 1966 and 1976.


1. National Carbon Registry

Why in news - UNDP has developed an open-source software called the National Carbon Registry.

Key Points –

• It allows countries to effectively manage national data and processes for trading carbon credits.

• It has been accredited as a digital public good (DPG).


1. G20 Film Festival

Why in news - G20 Film Festival commenced in New Delhi on August 16, 2023.

Key Points –

• Opening movie - Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray).

• Inaugurated by - Victor Banerjee (actor) and Amitabh Kant (G20 Sherpa).

• Organised by - India International Centre (IIC) and G20 Secretariat (M/o External Affairs).


1. Pig Kidney Transplant

Why in news - Humanlike genetically modified pig organs are renewing interest in xenotransplantation.

Key Points –

• Xenotransplantation - Use of non-human tissues or organs to treat medical conditions in humans.

• Research conducted by - University of Alabama.

• Transplanted kidneys not only produced urine, they provided the “life-sustaining kidney function” of filtering waste.

• Healthy kidneys filter a waste product called creatinine out of the blood.

Value Addition –

• In 1954, the kidney was the first human organ to be transplanted successfully.

• Liver, heart and pancreas transplants were successfully performed by the late 1960s.

• Lung and intestinal organ transplant procedures were begun in the 1980s.


1. International Young Eco-Hero Award 2023

Why in news - 5 Indians are among 17 young environmental activists globally to receive the award.

Key Points –

• It was announced Action For Nature.

• They are - Eiha Dixit (Meerut), Manya Harsha (Bengaluru), Nirvaan Somany and Mannat Kaur (New Delhi) and Karnav Rastogi (Mumbai).


1. World Mosquito Day 2023

Why in news – It is observed on August 20.

Key Points –

• It is observed to commemorate the discovery of Sir Ronald Ross.

• Sir Ronald Ross discovered (August 20, 1897) that a parasite found in the stomach of a female Anopheles mosquito is responsible for transmitting malaria among humans.

• Mosquito-borne diseases - Malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, Zika.

2. Sadbhavana Diwas 2023

Why in news – Rajiv Gandhi birth anniversary is celebrated as Harmony Day.

Key Points –

• The objective is to foster a sense of national unity and promote positive interactions among various faiths and cultures.

• Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest prime minister (40 years old) of India.

• In his memory, the Congress Party started the Sadbhavana Diwas and instituted the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award in 1992.


1. Book Indian Ideas of Freedom

Why in news - Dennis Dalton authored a book titled “Indian Ideas of Freedom.”

Key Points –

• It deals with how some of India’s greatest modern thinkers conceptualized the idea of freedom.

• It is an extended edition of his 1982 book.


1. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Mascot

Why in news - ICC unveiled official male and female mascots of the 2023 Cricket World Cup in Gurugram.

Key Points –

• The two characters are dressed in futuristic suits and hails from Crictoverse.

• 2011 World Cup Mascot - Stumpy the Elephant.

• Crictoverse - a 3D virtual world that is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies.


1. Hari Sahani

Why in news - BJP MLC Hari Sahani will be the leader of the opposition in the Bihar legislative council.

Key Points –

• Sahani replaced Samrat Choudhary as the leader of the opposition in the Upper House.

• He is the former district unit chief of Darbhanga.


• Which Indian bank has launched a multi-branded credit card in partnership with Qatar Airways and British Airways - IndusInd Bank.

• Which player of the England cricket team has withdrawn his decision to retire from ODI cricket - Ben Stokes.

• Which state has announced to regularize 450 unauthorized colonies – Haryana.

• Which footballer has left PSG and signed for "Al Hilal" – Neymar.

• Russia has imposed a fine of how many million rubles on Google -3-million ruble.

• In which state India's first common testing centre for unmanned aerial systems (drones) will be set up - Tamil Nadu.

• Mutual recognition arrangement of Authorized Economic Operators between India and which country has been approved by the cabinet – Australia.

• Which state government has started ‘Elder Line’ service to provide shelter to homeless elders - Uttar Pradesh.

• Which medal has been won by Priya Malik in the Under 20 World Wrestling Championship in Jordan - Gold Medal.

• In which city the Night Street Racing Circuit has been built for the first time – Chennai.


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