Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 10.08.2023


1. IIM-Mumbai

Why in news - National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) will be renamed as the IIM-Mumbai.

Key Points –

• Mumbai’s 1st Indian Institute of Management. (Maharashtra – 2nd. 1st - IIM Nagpur).

• 21st IIM in the country.

• The IIM (Amendment Bill) 2023 replaces the IIM Act of 2017.

2. Covid-19 Variant Eris

Why in news - A new Covid-19 variant called Eris or EG.5.1 is rapidly spreading across the United Kingdom.

Key Points –

• It has now become the 2nd most prevalent strain.

• It is a subvariant of Omicron.

• It was first identified on July 31, 2023.

• In India, the first case of EG.5.1 was reported on May 29, 2023, from Maharashtra.

3. Decarbonisation of Steel Sector

Why in news - Ministry of Steel has constituted 13 task forces for decarbonization of steel sector.

Key Points –

• Purpose - to carry out discussions on up-skilling of the workforce towards the production of green steel.

• Ministry of Steel has notified 145 steel and steel products’ Indian Standards under the purview of Quality Control Order (QCO).

• Steel Scrap Recycling Policy, 2019, enhances the availability of domestically generated scrap to reduce the consumption of coal in steel making.


1. Sri Lanka Unique Digital Identity Project (SL-UDI)

Why in news - India has extended financial support to Sri Lanka’s unique digital identity project.

Key Points –

• India made advanced payment of INR 450 million.

• Its aim is to gather biographic and biometric information, such as facial, iris, and fingerprint data.

2. Zurzuvae

Why in news - US approved world’s 1st post-partum depression pill Zurzuvae.

Key Points –

• The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Biogen and Sage Therapeutics' oral pill to treat postpartum depression (PPD).

• Until now treatment for postpartum depression was available only as an intravenous injection.

• “Postpartum” means the time after childbirth. Most women or feel sad or empty, within a few days of giving birth.

3. China into Deflation

Why in news - China slipped into deflation as prices fall for the first time since early 2021.

Key Points –

• China’s consumer price index fell by 0.3% in July after staying flat the previous month.

Deflation –

(a) Both consumer and asset prices decrease over time while purchasing power increases.

(b) Lower prices typically lead to lower consumer spending and reduced production, in turn causing layoffs and salary cuts.

(c) Highlights the country’s impending recession and hard economic times.

4. Pakistan’s National Assembly

Why in news - Pakistan’s National Assembly dissolved at PM Shehbaz Sharif’s advice.

Key Points –

• Dissolved by - Pakistan President Arif Alvi.

• Dissolved under Article 58 of Pakistani Constitution.


1. 'Maya OS'

Why in news - India Defence Ministry to install 'Maya operating system' for cybersecurity.

Key Points –

• It is based on an open-source platform.

• It has additional security features for ‘endpoint detection and protection.’


1. 31st Malabar Exercise

Why in news - It will be hosted by Australia for the first time.

Key Points –

• Participants - India, Australia, Japan, and the U.S.

• Venue - Sydney (August 11-21).

• Australia has also invited India for the Sea Power conference.

• It began in 1992 as a bilateral activity between India and the United States.

• Australia was included as a permanent member of Ex. Malabar in 2020.

2. Testing Ground for US Hypersonic

Why in news - Australia could be a testing ground for US hypersonic and other long-range precision weapons under the Aukus alliance.

Key Points –

• AUKUS agreement – USA, Australia and Britain.a

• The pact was signed in late 2021.

• It is seen as a way of countering China’s growing clout in the Asia-Pacific region.


1. World Lion Day 2023

Why in news – It is celebrated every year on August 10.

Key Points –

• It was first established in 2013 by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s largest accredited sanctuary.

• At present Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is the only abode of the Asiatic lion in India.

Protection -

(a) IUCN Status – Endangered.

(b) Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972: Schedule 1

(c) CITES Appendix I

• Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has approved Asiatic Lion Conservation Project for three financial years from 2018 to 2021.


1. Women-Friendly Tourism

Why in news - UN Women joined Kerala Tourism to empower women in the tourism sector.

Key Points –

• The ‘Trainers of Trainer’ program was held at Kumarakom Cultural Centre.

• Kerala was the first state in the country to come out with the women-friendly tourism initiative.


1. Special Land Survey

Why in news - Special land survey in Bihar to be completed by 2025.

Key Points –

• The Bihar government is undertaking a special land survey to update land records in a phased manner.

• It began in 2011.

• By - Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

• The last cadastral survey in the state was held in 1911 during the British rule.


• What is the name of the short film made by the Sports Authority of India on the athletes participating in the Asian Games - 'Halla Bol'.

• Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) by the central government - Sanjay Kumar Agarwal.

• Who has been appointed by Tesla as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Vaibhav Taneja.

• How much rupees has been approved by the Union Cabinet for broadband connectivity in villages under the BharatNet project - 1.39 lakh crore rupees.

• Who will lead the Indian team in the World Athletics Championships beginning on August 19 in Budapest, Hungary - Neeraj Chopra.

• Which country has set a target of admitting 30,000 Indian students by 2030 – France.

• Who has now made health and physical education program compulsory for students of classes I to XII – CBSE.

• Recently in which state's assembly a resolution against the 'Uniform Civil Code' has been passed – Kerala.

• Who has become the joint second fastest batsman to complete 100 sixes in T20 International cricket - Suryakumar Yadav.

• Who will launch a BRICS startup forum this year to facilitate collaboration and share best practices among investors, incubators and aspiring entrepreneurs – India.


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