Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 31.07.2023


1. Bharat Mandapam

Why in news - PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex on July 26, 2023.

Key Points –

• The convention centre has been renamed as ‘Bharat Mandapam’ which is set to host the 18th G20 Leaders’ Summit (September 9-10).

• Location - India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) complex, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

• India’s largest meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) destination.

• The elliptical design of the building was influenced by the shankha, or conch shell.

• Developed by – Aedas and Arcop.

• Project carried out by - NBCC (India) Ltd and its subcontractor, Shapoorji Pallonji.

• The Commerce Ministry oversees the ITPO as a body.

• Project cost - Rs 2,700 crore.

• Area - 123 acres.

Value Addition –

• Hannover Exhibition Centre – Germany.

• National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) – Shanghai, China.

• Opera House – Sydney, Australia.

2. World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF)

Why in news - Bengaluru became the first Indian city to become part of WCCF.

Key Points –

• It is a global network of cities that share research and intelligence, and explore the role of culture in future prosperity.

• Current total cities - 40 cities (e.g., New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai)

• WCCF was founded in 2012 by Justine Simons OBE (London’s Deputy Mayor).

3. Creche Policy 2022

Why in news - Haryana became India’s first state to introduce creche policy.

Key Points –

• It will allow the working women to admit their children (6 months and 6 years) into the creche facility operational for 6-8 hours.

• Creche - a place where small children are looked after while their parents are working, shopping, etc.

4. SAUNI Yojana

Why in news – PM Modi inaugurated the SAUNI (Saurashtra Narmada Avataran Irrigation) Yojana in Gujarat.

Key Points –

• Aim – to provide water to 52,398 acres of irrigable land and potable water to around 98,000 people of Saurashtra from the Narmada River.

• Saurashtra is a drought-prone region.

5. 600-Million-Year-Old Ocean Water

Why in news – IISc Bengaluru and Niigata University, Japan discovered 600-million-year-old ocean water from the Himalayas.

Key Points –

• Droplets of water trapped in mineral deposits were likely left behind from an ancient ocean that existed around 600 million years ago (mya).

• Scientists explored the western Kumaon Himalayas (Amritpur to Milam glacial) and Dehradun to the Gangotri glacier region.

• Snowball Earth glaciation (700 to 500 mya) - One of the major glacial events in Earth’s history.

• Second Great Oxygenation Event - Increase in the amount of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere which led to the evolution of complex life forms.

• Paleo oceans (ancient oceans) - Sedimentary basins were deprived of calcium for an extended period, probably due to low riverine input.


1. Sulphur Coated Urea (Urea Gold)

Why in news - PM Narendra Modi launched "Urea Gold" during an event in Rajasthan's Sikar.

Key Points –

• PM Modi said urea is cheaper in India than Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

About Urea Gold -

• New variety of urea that is coated with sulphur.

• Aim - to address sulphur deficiencies in the soil.

• More economical and efficient than neem-coated urea.

• Benefits - improved nitrogen use efficiency, reduced consumption, and enhanced crop quality.

• Urea coated with sulphur helps in slow release of nitrogen, therefore increasing its availability and uptake.

• Urea Gold has added humic acid to enhance longevity of the fertiliser.


1. Jupiter 3

Why in news - SpaceX launched world’s largest private communications satellite Jupiter 3.

Key Points –

• Aim - to deliver internet services to customers in North and South America.

• Developed by - Maxar Technologies, California.

2. Markarian 421

Why in news - Supermassive black hole Markarian 421 is throwing out a high-energy jet of particles aimed directly at Earth.

Key Points –

• Supermassive black holes that are active at the centers of galaxies (active galactic nuclei) are surrounded by “accretion disks” that feed them.

• But not all materials are consumed by the black hole. Some of it is channeled towards the black hole’s “poles” and blasted out at a speed near that of light.

• The “blazar” (black hole systems having jets pointed at Earth) is about 400 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major.

• Blazars can outshine all the stars in the galaxy that they inhabit.

3. Miniaturised Multi-payload Satellites

Why in news - Space startup Pixxel secured a multi-crore rupee grant from the Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) under M/o of Defence.

Key Points –

• Purpose - to manufacture miniaturized multi-payload satellites for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

• Pixxel will develop small satellites weighing up to 150 kgs.

• The grant is part of the SPARKS initiative, which falls under Mission DefSpace (October, 2022).

• Pixxel's CEO - Awais Ahmed.

Value Addition –

• Mission DefSpace was launched with 75 Defence Space challenges.

• Challenges are classified into 5 categories: launch system, satellite system, communication and payload system, ground system, and software system.


1. International Tiger Day 2023

Why in news – It is observed annually on July 29.

Key Points –

• It was first observed in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia.

• In 2010, 13 tiger range nations banded together to join Tx2, to increase the tiger population from 3,200 to at least 6,000 tigers.

• Global Tiger Initiative (GTI) - a group of nations, international organisations, and conservation organisations committed to tiger conservation.

• Tiger IUCN status – Endangered.

About Project Tiger –

• Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

• Launch date – April 1, 1973.

• Launched at - Jim Corbett National Park.

• Initially, the project covered 9 tiger reserves (now, the project includes 54 tiger reserves).


1. James Ferguson ‘Jim’ Skea

Why in news – He was elected as the new chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on July 26, 2023.

Key Points –

• Skea beat his nearest rival, Thelma Krug of Brazil.

• Skea belongs to United Kingdom.

• The election took place at the headquarters of UNEP in Nairobi, where the IPCC is holding its 59th Session.


1. ICC Code of Conduct Breach

Why in news – Harmanpreet Kaur suspended for two matches for breaching ICC Code of Conduct against Bangladesh.

Key Points –

• Reason - Kaur smashed stumps with her bat and called the umpiring “pathetic” in the post-match presentation.

• Harmanpreet Kaur is Indian women’s cricket team captain.

• She breached article 2.8 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players relating to “showing dissent at an umpire’s decision”.


1. Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR)

Why in news – As per the latest Status of Tigers, 2022, VTR in West Champaran has 54 tigers.

Key Points –

• VTR is Bihar's lone tiger reserve.

• 75% rise in the number of big cats has been recorded from the last 4-yearly tiger census held in 2018.

• The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) rated VTR in “good” category in terms of management effectiveness evaluation (MEE) system under ‘Status of Tigers-2022’ summary report.

• VTR stood at 23rd position among the 51 tiger reserves assessed.


• The Chief Minister of which state has released a book named Raag Prakash - Himachal Pradesh.

• Which state's Gopalpur port has created a national record in cargo handling – Odisha.

• Which bank has overtaken SBI in CRISIL's Corporate Banking Rankings for 2023 - HDFC Bank.

• Which state has topped the list of missing women in India - Maharashtra.

• Which day is celebrated all over the world on 31st July 2023 - World Ranger Day.

• Who has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award - Prem Prakash

• Who has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Republic of South Africa - Prabhat Kumar.

• Recently which country has announced the successful eradication of 'Rubella' – Bhutan.

• According to the recent report, in the year 2022, the population of which country has decreased by 8 lakhs – Japan.

• Recently 'Ruchira Kamboj' has chaired the which session of the United Nations Conference on Social Development - 62nd.


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