Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 28.06.2023


1. Indian Ocean Dipole

Why in news - High hopes are pinned on the development of a positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and its ability to counterbalance the El Nino effect.

Key Points –

• El Nino phenomenon is almost certain to affect the Indian monsoon this year.

• The IOD is an ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Indian Ocean. (very similar to the El Nino fluctuations in the Pacific Ocean).

• Much weaker system than El Nino, thus has relatively limited impacts.

• A positive IOD does have the potential to offset the impacts of El Nino. It was shown once in 1997.

• The IOD was identified as an independent system only in 1999.

About IOD (Indian Nino) –

• Happens relatively in smaller area of the Indian Ocean.

• East - Indonesian and Malaysian coastline. West - African coastline near Somalia.

• One side of the ocean, along the equator, gets warmer than the other.

Positive IOD –

(a) the western side of the Indian Ocean, near the Somalia coast, becomes warmer than the eastern Indian Ocean.

(b) A positive IOD event is often seen developing at times of an El Nino.

(c) helps rainfall along the African coastline and also over the Indian sub-continent.

(d) suppressing rainfall over Indonesia, southeast Asia and Australia.

Negative IOD –

(a) western Indian Ocean is cooler.

(b) negative IOD is sometimes associated with La Nina.

2. Meira Paibis (1977)

Why in news - Home Minister Amit Shah met with the Meira Paibis as part of his meetings with various civil society groups.

Key Points –

• Meira Paibis (women torch bearers) are Meitei women who come from all sections of society in the Imphal valley.

• They are also known as Imas or Mothers of Manipur and are widely respected, and represent a powerful moral force.

• Loosely organised, usually led by groups of senior women.

• One of the largest grassroots movements in the world.

• Focus - fighting alcoholism and drug abuse, countering human rights violations and the development of society at large.

3. Dr. Kalaignar Pen Monument

Why in news - Union Ministry of environment, forest and climate change has accorded Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance for the project.

Key Points –

• Location - 360 metres into the Bay of Bengal, off the Marina.

• Aim - to celebrate the contributions of former CM and Dravidian leader M Karunanidhi to Tamil literature.

• Tamil Nadu has sought the center’s permission under Section 4 (ii) (j) of CRZ notification, amended in March 22, 2016, for constructing it.

• National Centre for Coastal Research – Chennai.

About Pen Monument –

• Complex include - a pen pedestal, a lattice bridge above the beach and a land and pedestrian pathway above the sea.

• Design is based on the Veena, a traditional Carnatic musical instrument.

• Design for the landscaped garden on the memorial pedestal is inspired by Sikku Kolam, a traditional drawing made by Tamil women in their homes.

• Infrastructure and environmental consultant - Hubert Enviro Care Systems.


1. Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Why in news - Kyriakos Mitsotakis sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece.

Key Points –

• Party - New Democracy party (Centre-right).


1. Operation Greens Scheme

Why in news - Tomato price rise (Rs 100/kg) put focus on Operation Greens scheme.

Key Points –

Reasons –

(a) Cobweb phenomenon - sudden price fall in April-May 2023 which led many growers to abandon their crops.

(b) unusual heat of March and April

(c) pest attacks

India grows two major crops of tomato –

(a) rabi crop (5 lakh hectares) - Junnar taluka (MH) and in parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

(b) kharif crop (8-9 lakh hectares) - Uttar Pradesh, Nashik (MH), and elsewhere in the country.

• Ripening time - 3 months.

About Operation Greens (November, 2018) –

• Launched by - Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

• Aim –

(a) for integrated development of Tomato, Onion and Potato (TOP) value chain.

(b) enhance value realization of TOP farmers

(c) price stabilization for producers and consumers etc.

• State-wise funds are not allocated as the scheme is demand-driven.

• Expanded operation greens scheme covers 22 perishables including shrimp.


1. Lithium-ion Battery

Why in news - John B Goodenough died on June 25 at the age of 100.

Key Points –

• His work sparked the wireless revolution that made portable electronics ubiquitous.

• His contribution to lithium-ion battery technology in 1980 helped him win the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

About Lithium-ion Battery –

• Whittingham developed the first lithium-based rechargeable battery. (drawback - either explode or catch fire in case of overcharging or repeated recharging).

• Use aqueous electrolyte solutions.

• Paved the way for the emergence of mobile phones and laptops.

• Nearly 100% efficient in both charging and discharging

• Cleaner technology and is safer for the environment as it does not have environmental impact as lead acid battery.