Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 27.05.2023


1. Tipu Sultan’s Sword

Why in news - Tipu Sultan’s (1782-1799) bedchamber sword auctioned for 14 million pounds in London.

Key Points –

• It has broken all auction records for an Indian object at Islamic and Indian Art sale week.

• The sword is described as a fine gold koftgari hilted steel sword referred to as sukhela – an emblem of authority.

• It was manufactured by Mughal swordsmiths following the model of German blades.

• It was presented to Major General David Baird by the Army of the East India Company.

• Tipu Sultan – known as the Tiger of Mysore.

• On 4 May, 1799 British army stormed and captured Tipu's capital, Seringapatam and killed him.

Value Addition –

• Anglo-Mysore wars –


1. Warning Labels on Alcohol

Why in news - Ireland to become the first country in the European Union to put health warnings on alcohol.

Key Points –

• Alcoholic products to prominently mention that their consumption is directly linked to liver disease and cancer.

• Mandatory after May 22, 2026.

Value Addition –

• Currently, only South Korea warns of the link between alcohol and cancers.

• South Africa had enacted a law requiring stringent alcohol warning labels in 2017, but repealed it in 2020.

• Alcohol - Listed as a class 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) by a WHO agency since 1990.

About Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) –

• Methyl alcohol (methanol) –

• It is wood alcohol, which is poisonous if it's ingested (blindness and death).

• Used as a solvent and an antifreeze as well as a fuel.

• Alcohol affects the cerebellum and consequently affects bodily movements.

• Alcohol thermometer (Ethanol) is used in cold areas because freezing point of alcohol is less than -100°C and can measure very low temperature.


1. UDAN 5.1

Why in news – M/o Civil Aviation launched UDAN 5.1 to achieve last-mile connectivity through helicopters.

Key Points –

• Airfare caps have been reduced by as much as 25% to make flying in helicopters more affordable for passengers.

• For the first time under RCS-UDAN, this round is designed specifically for helicopter routes.

• Till date 46 helicopter routes have been operationalized under previous rounds of the scheme.

2. SAMARTH Campaign

Why in news - Shri Giriraj Singh launched SAMARTH campaign to promote digital transactions in 50000 Gram Panchayat Level in Lucknow.

Key Points –

• By - Ministry of Rural Development (Deendayal Antyodaya Yojna- National Rural Livelihoods Mission).

• SHG’s NPA came down from 9.58 % in 2013 percent to below 2%.


1. Urban Climate Film Festival

Why in news - The first-ever Urban Climate Film Festival would take place in New Town, Kolkata (June 3 to 5, 2023).

Key Points –

• Aim –

(a) To enlighten audiences about the environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change on urban settlements.

(b) To encourage citizens to undertake “environmentally responsible behavior” in line with the LiFE Mission.

• Organised by - National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.

Value Addition –

• National Mission on Sustainable Habitat (2010) - to make cities more sustainable by enhancing building energy efficiency etc.

• Sustainable city features -

2. Global Greenhouse Gas Watch

Why in news - World Meteorological Congress approved Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Watch.

Key Points –

• It is a new GHG monitoring initiative to support urgent action to reduce heat-trapping gases which are fuelling temperature increase.

• It is built under the auspices of the Global Atmosphere Watch (1989) and its Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System.