Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 01.03.2023


1. Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM4C)

Why in news – India declared to join the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate.

Key Points –

• The India-Israel-UAE-US (I2U2) Sherpas meeting was conducted in Abu Dhabi.

About AIM4C –

• The US and the United Arab Emirates launched AIM4C in November 2021.

• Aim - to increase investment in and support innovation in climate-smart agriculture.

2. Northeast India’s First CBG Plant

Why in news – The foundation stone of North East India’s first-ever compressed biogas plant project was laid at Sonapur, Kamrup district (Assam).

Key Points –

• Set up by - Redlemon Technologies Private Limited.

• CBG would be produced from raw materials such as cattle-dung, municipal solid wastes, etc.

3. Robotic Elephant for Rituals

Why in news – Kerala temple became the first in the country to use a mechanical, lifelike elephant for temple rituals.

Key Points –

• Temple - Irinjadappilly Sree Krishna Temple, Thrissur.


1. 'Universe Breaker' Galaxies

Why in news - James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has discovered 6 extraordinarily massive first-generation galaxies.

Key Points –

• They were formed roughly 500-700 million years after the Big Bang. (Big bang explosion -13.7 billion years).

• Red wavelength - As most other galaxies move away from us, their light has shifted to longer wavelength. It shows the universe is expanding.


1. 20th Bio Asia 2023

Why in news - The 20th edition of BioAsia was organised by the Government of Telangana in Hyderabad.

Key Points –

• Theme - ‘Advancing for ONE: Shaping the next generation of humanized healthcare’.

• Venue - Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC).

• It is Asia's largest Life Sciences and Healthcare Convention.

• Telangana aims to double the size of the life sciences sector in the State from the current $ 50 billion to $ 100 billion in size over the next 5 years.


1. Exercise Cobra Warrior

Why in news - Indian Air Force to participate in Exercise Cobra Warrior at the Waddington Air Force Base in the United Kingdom.

Key Points –

• The exercise is scheduled from Mar 6 to 24, 2023.

• Other participants - Finland, Sweden, South Africa, United States of America and Singapore.


1. FIFA Awards 2023

Why in news - The ceremony of the Best FIFA Football Awards in Paris, France.

Key Points –


1. Zero Discrimination Day 2023

Why in news – It is celebrated on March 1 every year by UNAIDS.

Key Points –

• Aim –

• To promote equality and fairness before the law

• To fight systemic and cultural discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

• Theme - “Save lives: Decriminalise”.

2. World Seagrass Day 2023

Why in news – March 1 is celebrated as World Seagrass Day.

Key Points –

• Aim - to raise awareness to promote and facilitate actions for the conservation of seagrasses.

About Sea Grass –

• Marine flowering plants.

• Found in shallow waters from the tropics to the Arctic circle.

• They form extensive underwater meadows, creating complex, highly productive and biologically rich habitats.

• They cover only 0.1% of the ocean floor.

• As per IUCN, 21% of seagrass species are categorized as Near Threatened, Vulnerable and Endangered.

• Benefits –

• Provide food and shelter to thousands of species of fish, seahorses, turtles, etc.

• Improve water quality by filtering, cycling and storing nutrients and pollutants.

• Reduce contamination in seafood.

• Efficient carbon sinks, store up to 18% of the world’s oceanic carbon.


1. UP Global Investors Summit

Why in news – Japanese investors signed MoU for the investment of ₹7,200 crores.

Key Points –

• Japanese company Hotel Management International Company Limited (HMI Group) decided to open hotels in 30 cities including Agra, Ayodhya and Varanasi.

• The tourism and hospitality centres of Uttar Pradesh have received investment proposals of ₹98193 crores and ₹20722 crores, respectively.


1. Bihar Budget 2023-24

Why in news - The Nitish Kumar government in Bihar presented the state budget for fiscal 2023-24 on Feb 28, 2023.

Key Points –

• Total outlay – Rs ₹2,61,885.40 crore [over 10%, about Rs 24,000 crore increase compared to 2022-23].

• Highest Allocation –

A. Education (₹40,450 crore)

B. Health (₹16,966 crore),

C. Road (₹17,487 crore)

D. Social welfare sector (₹12,439 crore).

• On borrowings, the state government has increased the limit to₹49,326 crore.

• The state government estimates to earn ₹49,700 crore from its own taxes in the coming fiscal.

• Fiscal deficit for 2023-24 (estimate) - 2.98% of GSDP. It is within the permissible limit of 3% set under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM).


• Which state became the first state in India to organize the cultivation of Licorice (Mulethi) - Himachal Pradesh.

• Which country has entered into a Maitri Cultural Partnerships with India to promote cultural ties - Australia.

• Who has recently won the 2023 'Argentina Open Title' - Carlos Alcaraz.

• Who has been appointed as the coach of the Indian boxing team - Dmitry Dmitruk.

• Which e-commerce company has announced that it will join the Government of India's ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) platform – Amazon.

• Which bank has allowed real-time "BHIM payments" with Singapore - State Bank of India.

• Who has launched India's first "Municipal Bond Index" - NSE Index.

• Which country has declared a health emergency in view of the increasing outbreak of dengue – Peru.

• Who has been appointed by the United Nations as the head of the campaign to end malnutrition - Afshan Khan.

• Which company is going to be the new Kit Sponsor of Cricket Team India - Adidas. 


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