Daily Current Affairs For BPSC as on 15.03.2023


1. Bamboo Crash Barrier “Bahu Balli”

Why in news - World's first 200 m long Bamboo Crash Barrier has been installed on the Vani-Warora Highway, Maharashtra.

Key Points –

• Crash barriers - Installed on either side of a highway to prevent vehicles from moving out of the road network.

• Bamboo species used - Bambusa Balcoa. It was treated with creosote oil and coated with recycled High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE).

• It was tested at National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX), Indore (MP).

• NATRAX (11.3km long) high-speed track is the longest in Asia and the fifth largest in the world.


1. Safe City Projects

Why in news - Amit Shah launched Safe City Projects in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Key Points –

• Aim – to equip the police with technology to meet the challenges of the future.

• It is being implemented on a trial basis in 8 cities.

• Budget - Rs. 2,840 crores.

• In Nov 2022, PM Narendra Modi called for constituting a High-Power Police Technology Mission under Amit Shah to adopt future technologies for policing requirements.

• Centre for Internet Security – Bengaluru.


Why in news - BSE and UN Women India launched “FinEMPOWER” program at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Key Points –

• Aim - to empower women towards financial security.

• BSE and UN Women India organised “Ring the Bell” for Gender Equality ceremony to accelerate investment in women leaders and entrepreneurs.


1. Urban Cooling Program

Why in news - Tamil Nadu has signed an MoU with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Key Points –

• Aim - to develop a comprehensive urban cooling programme to meet objectives under Tamil Nadu State Action Plan on Climate Change.

• National cooling program to support Indian cities to implement sustainable cooling is implemented by UNEP, National Institute of Urban Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

• It is being delivered under the framework of Cool Coalition and the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership.

2. UN High Seas Treaty

Why in news - On March 4, 2023, a draft international agreement referred to as the UN High Seas Treaty was finalized.

Key Points –

• The agreement was reached at UN headquarters in New York.

• Aim - to govern the conduct of governments (conserve Biodiversity) in ‘open seas’ or high seas.

• “Open seas” - World’s oceans beyond the jurisdiction of any one country i.e., beyond the Exclusive Economic Zones (from coast of a country to 200 nautical miles or 370 km into the sea).

• It is also referred to as the ‘Paris Agreement for the Ocean’.

• Once ratified by countries (pass it in their own Parliaments), it will become legally binding.

• It was negotiated under the United Nations Convention on Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) of 1982.

• Agreements on the actions of parties are to be taken based on consensus.

• Currently, there is no treaty for conserving the health of vast swathes of the earth’s oceans.

• High or open seas constitute two-thirds of the world’s oceans, and only 1% of them are legally protected.

• ‘30×30’ goals (COP 15 of CBD) - to conserve 30% of terrestrial and marine habitat by 2030.


1. 9th Women, Business and the Law 2023 Report

Why in news – The report was released by The World Bank.

Key Points –

At regional level -

• India’s score - 74.4 out of 100.

• India’s score is higher than the regional average observed across South Asia (63.7).

• Maximum score in South Asia - 80.6 (Nepal).

At Global Level –

• 14 countries scored a perfect 100 e.g., Belgium, Canada, Denmark etc.

• Since 1970, the global average has improved by about two-thirds, rising from 45.8 to 77.1 points.

• It identifies barriers to women’s economic participation and encourages reform of discriminatory law in 190 economies.

• 8 indicators - Mobility, Workplace, Pay, Marriage, Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, Assets, and Pension.



1. Har Payment Digital

Why in news - RBI launched ‘Har Payment Digital’ mission during Digital Payments Awareness Week 2023 (DPAW).

Key Points –

• Theme - “Digital Payment Apnao, Auron ko bhi Sikhao” (Adopt digital payments and Teach others also).

• Aim - to make every person in India a user of digital payments.

• DPAW - March 6 to 12, 2023.

• Payments Vision 2025 (of RBI) theme - "E-Payments for Everyone, Everywhere and Everytime".



Why in news - The maiden joint military exercise between the Indian and French Army started in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Key Points –

• Venue - Pangode Military Station.

• Theme - Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations in a Contested Environment.


1. BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year 2022

Why in news - Mirabai Chanu has bagged the 2022 ‘BBC Indian Sportswoman Of The Year’ award.

Key Points –

• She is Tokyo Olympic Games (2020) silver-medallist weightlifter.

• She became the first athlete to win the award twice in a row (1st – 2021).

• At the Tokyo Games, she had become the first Indian to win a silver in the sport.


1. Rashmi Shukla

Why in news - IPS Rashmi Shukla has been appointed as the Director-General of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB).

Key Points –

• SSB - Border guarding force of India deployed along its borders with Nepal and Bhutan.

• SSB is one of the seven Central Armed Police Forces under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

2. S.S. Dubey

Why in news - S.S. Dubey took charge as the 28th Controller General of Accounts (CGA).

Key Points –

• CGA is ‘the Principal Advisor’ on Accounting matters to the Union Government.

• CGA is responsible for establishing and managing a technically sound Management Accounting System of the Union Government.


1. 2nd Men’s Junior World Kabaddi Championship 2023

Why in news - India beat Iran (41-33) to claim the maiden title.

Key Points –

• Pakistan and Nepal were the joint bronze medallist.

• Venue - Urmia, Iran.

2. Dick Fosbury

Why in news - American high jumper Dick Fosbury passed away at 76.

Key Points –

• He revolutionised high jump technique with the Fosbury Flop.

• Fosbury Flop - Fosbury turned his back to the bar and arched his body over it to win gold at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

• The Fosbury Flop is now the most used technique around the world.


1. Mauganj

Why in news - Mauganj, a tehsil of Rewa, became Madhya Pradesh’s 53rd district.

Key Points –

• It would be developed by joining four tehsils of Rewa district i.e., Mauganj, Hanumana, Nai Garhi, and Deotalab.