BPSC Daily Editorials

BPSC Daily Editorials

The Rationale behind  Editorial Analysis is to give civil services aspirants an in-depth understanding of articles from different sections of the General Studies Paper bearing relevance to BPSC  Main Examination Preparation.

Why do you need to read Editorial Analysis?

BPSC Main Preparation is rather Subjective than objective and thus it needs a broader understanding of different topics. The apt Understanding and Comprehensiveness of the topic are key to the Answer Writing of the Main Examination. The Civil Services Aspirant needs to have a broader knowledge of almost everything happening socially, politically, economically, geographically, and historically.

Our Team is working to simplify the Topics to the Optimum level so that their utility and necessity can be gauged in a more arranged manner. It covers both General Studies Paper of BPSC Main Examination with special Orientation towards the Section Wise Approach.

You will get here all the Sections like -

General Studies Paper I - History & Art and Culture, National and International Developments and Events.

General Studies Paper II - Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Science and Technology

Candidates are expected to learn the key points of the topic and Frame a Standard Opinion for Various Socio-Economic Dimensions.

Editorials in English:

GS Paper - I

1. GS Paper-1(Section-II)New,Dangerous Quad Around India) 

2. GS Paper-1(Section-II)WTO and Sugar Subsidy Issue)

3. GS Paper-1(Section-II)India is indeed walking The Green Talk 

4. GS Paper-1(Section-II)India's Revamped FTA Strategy

5. GS Paper-1(Section-II)UN Food Systems Summit  

6. GS Paper-1(Section-II)India must cooperate with US on vacccines, trade, and leverage Quad for regional stability   

GS Paper - II

1. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Rigidity and Flexibility of Indian Constitution

2. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Critical Assessment of Fundamental Duties

3GS Paper-2(Section-I)Presidential Election-Part-1-Critical Analysis of the Election Procedure For the Election of President

4. GS Paper-2(Section-I)The Key to Revitalising India's Reservation System 

5. GS Paper-2(Section-I)-Enegry Security 

6. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Women in Legislatures 

7. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Unilateral legislation without taking States into confidence will see more protests on the streets  

8. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Implementation and Implication of Preamble)

9. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Major Chanllenges Faced by Bihar in Path of Addressing the Development Concerns

10. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Initiatives For Rural Women 

11. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Indian Constitution

12. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Examine the Role of Industry in Overall Economic Development of India

13. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Inclusive Growth in India

14. GS Paper-2(Section-II)The Agritech Startups in India,and their significance in the Agriculture Sector

15. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Double Digit Growth Bihar on Development Track and Still Miles to)  

16. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Changing the Agri exports Basket, India has the potential to become a global leader in the Food processing sector

17. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Reimagining food systems with lessons from India 

18. GS Paper-2(Section-II)The Role of Data Revolution in Indian Agriculture

19. GS Paper-2(Section-III)-ISRO NEW Chief S. Somanath 

20. For BPSC 67th Prelims(Important Finding of Forest Survey 2021)  

21. GS Paper-2(Section-III)A Digital Health Mission needs to get all the fundamentals of the ecosystem right 

22. GS Paper-2(Section-III)A Selective Nuclear Policy 

23. GS Paper-2(Section-III)Super Computer and its Critical Assessment For India

Editorials in Hindi:

GS Paper - I

1. GS Paper-1(Section-II)असर रिपोर्ट -शिक्षा की स्थिति (Article)

2. GS Paper-1(Section-II)वैश्विक जलवायु जोखिम सूचकांक (GCRI) 

3. GS Paper-1(Section-II)विश्व व्यापर संगठन और चीनी सब्सिडी विवाद 

4. GS Paper-1(Section-II)भारत-अमेरिका व्यापार नीति फोरम

5. GS Paper-1(Section-II)भारत के आर्थिक क्षेत्र में K- आकार की रिकवरी के संकेत

6. GS Paper-1(Section-II)कोविड-19 के कारण लैंगिक समानता को खतरा: यूनेस्को का एक अध्ययन 

GS Paper - II

1. GS Paper-2(Section-II)सतत् विकास लक्ष्य-1 

2. GS Paper-2(Section-III)भारत में सौर ऊर्जा और चुनौती 

3. GS Paper-2(Section-III)क्रिप्टोकरेंसी का विनियमितीकरण 

4. GS Paper-2(Section-III)बायोमेट्रिक प्रौद्योगिकी - एक व्यापक परिदृश्य 

5. GS Paper-2(Section-III)अंतरिक्ष स्टार्ट-अप हब के रूप में भारत के लिए एक अवसर 

6. GS Paper-2(Section-III)ओमिक्रोन:कोरोना का नया वैरिएंट 

7. GS Paper-2(Section-II)स्वास्थ्य देखभाल प्रणाली : क्या निजीकरण ही एकमात्र हल हैं ? 

8. GS Paper-2(Section-II)अनौपचरिक अर्थव्यव्स्था 

9. GS Paper-2(Section-I)पीआरआई वित्त 

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