Free Daily Editorials

Free Daily Editorials

Perfection IAS provides you all daily important Editorial of different topics of current events for better understanding of any ongoing issues. Many topics like International Relations, Nationals issues, Govt Policy Initiative and Bihar Government scheme and their Analysis is given in the Editorial. This is helpful for Mains Examination of BPSC/UPSC.

Editorials in English:

1. GS Paper-2(Section-II)Double Digit Growth Bihar on Development Track and Still Miles to)

2. GS Paper-1(Section-II)New,Dangerous Quad Around India)

3. GS Paper-1(Section-II)WTO and Sugar Subsidy Issue)

4. GS Paper-2(Section-I)-Enegry Security

5. GS Paper-2(Section-III)-ISRO NEW Chief S. Somanath

6. For BPSC 67th Prelims(Important Finding of Forest Survey 2021)

7. GS Paper-2(Section-I)Implementation and Implication of Preamble)

8. GS Paper-1(Section-II)India is indeed walking The Green Talk 

9. GS Paper-1(Section-II)India's Revamped FTA Strategy

Editorials in Hindi:

1. GS Paper-1(Secion-II)असर रिपोर्ट -शिक्षा की स्थिति (Article)

2. GS Paper-1(Section-II)वैश्विक जलवायु जोखिम सूचकांक (GCRI) 

3. GS Paper-1(Section-II)विश्व व्यापर संगठन और चीनी सब्सिडी विवाद 

4. GS Paper-1(Section-II)भारत-अमेरिका व्यापार नीति फोरम

5. GS Paper-1(Section-II)भारत के आर्थिक क्षेत्र में K- आकार की रिकवरी के संकेत

6. GS Paper-1(Section-II)कोविड-19 के कारण लैंगिक समानता को खतरा: यूनेस्को का एक अध्ययन 

7. GS Paper-2(Section-III)क्रिप्टोकरेंसी का विनियमितीकरण